we’re better together.

hygge is filled with a community of diverse entrepreneurs, remote workers, startup founders, nonprofits, podcast hosts and more. We call our members the “hyggefam” because they are that, through and through. We’ve had people meet their business partners, best friends and even spouses in our walls. If you need coworking in Charlotte, we’re your space.

Are you ready to be a part of it?

charlotte’s coworking space.

hygge coworking is Charlotte’s largest independently owned coworking space, but don’t let that intimidate you. We’re a small and locally owned, just like a lot of the members you’ll find in our walls. We’re filled with a community of diverse entrepreneurs, remote workers, startup founders, nonprofits, podcast hosts. Hundreds call it home. Space is cool, but it’s the people within our walls that make up what hygge is all about. We’re more than just coworking in Charlotte.

For more read our core values here.

meeting space.

You’re not a member, but you need a room to host your next board meeting, strategy session, or remote conference call? We got you covered. Each of our 4 locations has several options.

Now, let’s find a room that suits your needs.

day passes.

You’re not a member, but you need space to get some work done for a day or so a month? We got you covered. For $20/day you can have full access to hygge from 8:30am-5pm Monday thru Friday.

podcast studio.

Turn on. Turn up. Talk.

We had one goal, and that was to create a space that was so easy to use you’ll have no excuse for not creating the next best podcast. For just $40/hr you have full access to the studio.

be social. get involved.

We’re always looking for ways to bring people together here at hygge. Want to get a sense of the community at hygge coworking without having to swing by the actual space? Follow our shenanigans on social media or subscribe to our newsletter.

You’re guaranteed to see a healthy amount of awesome people, yellow coffee mugs, and community happenings.

a COhatch connected community.

Better together? We think so. We’ve joined forces with COhatch to take our coworking community to the next level. Through this partnership, we’ve expanded the community by tens of thousands and can do even more. We’re all stronger for it. Meet COhatch.

our community.

Yes, we love space, but it’s the people that fill our space that make it worth doing what we do. Read the full blog here.


There’s one unifying thing between all of the hygge fam, and that is that we all have work to get done. With that, we’re all about taking a break and bringing the fam together very intentionally. Hit the link below to check out our calendar and see what’s coming up.

hygge business updates.

Want to see the latest and greatest?

We’ve got a lot going on, and so do you. Want a quick look at what’s new at hygge? Check out some of the most recent news coverage and other business updates here – no google searching necessary.

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day passes.

Visiting from out of town or need an escape for just one day? Come hang with us. It’s only $20