work for a day.

$20/day • 6 Days for $90

Commitment issues? We get it. Come hang with us for the day. For just $20/day you can get almost all the perks of being a full-time member. (meeting space not included).

One location. One full day starting at 8:30am and ending at 5:00pm. Please read the frequently asked questions and then hit the button below to get started.


Before filling out the form to get a day pass please take a moment to read through the FAQ section below.

Day passes are sold on a per person basis. If you plan on having a guest please buy a second day pass or visit the meeting space page and book a room.

Unfortunately, no. The hygge team is unavailable on weekends. Day passes are available Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm. If you purchase a weekend day pass through our system it will be refunded to you.

No, meeting space is a monthly hygge member amenity. Please check out our meetings page or our monthly memberships to learn more about meeting space.

Open workspace day passes are available at all 4 locations.

Office for a day is only available at our location at 1026 Jay St.

meeting space.

You’re not a member, but you need a room to host your next board meeting, strategy session, or remote conference call? We got you covered. Each of our 5 locations has several options.

Now, let’s find a room that suits your needs. We’ll call you honorary hygge fam. ????