Where in the World Is Albert?

“I’m from Philadelphia born and raised, kinda like ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.’”

That’s how Albert started off our chat. As if he wasn’t cool enough already.

Last month I introduced the world to Kia on the blog. Kia works for Hip-Hop University aka the awesome thing Albert and his partner Reginald run. Hip-Hop University is a mentoring program that teaches kids in underserved communities using hip-hop.

Albert teaches 7th and 8th grade math and has his Master’s in Education. But growing up, Albert says he wasn’t in the best neighborhood and many of his friends ended up incarcerated.

“If they don’t have a positive male figure in their life, I can see what path they can go down,” he says.

Hence the birth of Hip-Hop University. Albert managed hip-hop artists when he lived in Philadelphia, so combining that with his love for education was a perfect fit.

So what does Albert do in his spare time?


Yes, he likes food. Although, he only really likes a couple restaurants in town. One of which is Soul Gastrolounge.

“Food in Charlotte just doesn’t compare to food in Philadelphia,” he says.

Choice words there, Albert. I don’t have a strong opinion on this matter though. The last time I was in Philadelphia was for a 7th grade field trip where we ate at Dave and Busters. Gotta love chicken tenders.


Albert donned a snazzy spray paint T-shirt at Hygge the other day. Turns out he made it and has made around 25 more.

HHU shirt 2

HHU shirt 3 (1)

But don’t expect a T-shirt line. He only makes one at a time.

You can expect a pen line though. Albert loves to paint and is starting his own line called Heir Pens that will display his artwork.


Albert won’t be in Charlotte much longer. He’s moving to Abu Dhabi. You heard that right. Abu Dhabi. Well actually Alain, a city between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, but close enough. He is going to teach math there for up to three years.

As for Hip-Hop University, it will still be in full force. The Hip-Hop University team will continue to implement its curriculum in underserved areas in Charlotte, Atlanta, St. Louis and Philadelphia.

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