Coffee Hours With Mac Lackey

This is a guest blog post via Hygge resident and serial entrepreneur, Mac Lackey.

There has been a lot of dialog recently about Charlotte startups and how Charlotte’s current and future ecosystem will be able to support entrepreneurship.

Candidly, this scares me because I believe that, despite its growth and progress, Charlotte still lacks actionable, real-world advice and mentorship from people who have been in the startup trenches, living the entrepreneurial journey — the highs and the lows.

I say that because I’ve been that guy; I’ve built five companies here in Charlotte; I’ve sold them, the last being the sale of KYCK to NBC Sports this past June. And through the process, I know how incredibly hard it can be without the right, truly actionable advice.

Hygge’s Founder, Garrett Tichy, is a risk-taker. He’s an action guy who seriously and sincerely moves quickly to make things for Charlotte. He and I connected immediately over the idea of trying to develop something unique that would not only support Hygge’s community, but also Charlotte’s startup scene.

mac-lackeyOn that note: I’m happy to partner with Hygge to launch coffee hours. Here’s how it will work: Every other Friday starting, Friday, October 7 at 9:30 a.m., I will sit at Hygge with a few great cups of coffee and make myself available for questions, brainstorms, etc. It’s free. It’s informal. It’s an opportunity to “pick my brain over coffee” about entrepreneurship, ideas, getting something off the ground, growing something that you’ve been working through the last couple of years — or just chat and hang out.

Hygge — the people, the energy, the vibe, the community — have inspired me to keep building which is why I chose to build my next venture,, from this space. It’s a bit of an experiment — one in which I would love your perspective, experience, advice as we start to build it here at Hygge. I’d love to talk more about it and your ventures when you come to coffee hours.

Long story short, come to coffee hours this Friday, October 7 at 9:30 a.m. in the room formerly known as The Study.

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