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Five Interior Design Tips For Your Office

As a coworking company, there are few things that bring us more satisfaction than having a clean & organized office space. In that spirit, National Improve Your Office Day is coming up on Tuesday, October 4th and we want to celebrate by offering some expert tips from Stephanie Calderon, who owns her own interior design business.

Stephanie is a hygge member who officially launched her business in early 2020 after years of learning, organizing and planning. She has always loved interior design and dreamed of owning her own business for a while, so it was a matter of when, not if. Stephanie remembers spending hours as a kid circling her favorite home decor in catalogs and rearranging her room to give it that “fresh feel.” When she grew up, she began helping friends and family decorate their apartments, furnish their new homes, choose finishes for bathroom renovations, and more. It wasn’t long before word spread that Stephanie had a natural talent for interior design, and so the seed of starting her own business was planted. She knew the sky was the limit once she committed to the process, and that her passion and creative energy would be the necessary fuel to get things off the ground.

charlotte interior design

Stephanie typically works with residential clients with projects ranging from new builds to renovations and furnishings. Her firm does occasionally take on commercial clients, but the true love and intention of the business is for residential spaces. With that being said, many of the concepts used in residential interior design can also be utilized for office spaces – whether you work from a cubicle, shared open workspace, private office or living room couch. Stephanie enjoys creating spaces that are designed to be lived in, and with the amount of time that many of us spend working, we should strive to feel comfortable and energized in our office spaces.

We asked Stephanie if she could provide our community with a few easy tips for sprucing up their office spaces to make it feel like a cozy home. She came through with some awesome advice, which you can read below:

  1. Additional lighting: Whether you have a ton of natural light, or a harsh fluorescent overhead lighting, having a desk or floor lamp with softer lighting can create a more warm and inviting feel. Especially for those office days that turn into nights, or if you just want to give your eyes a break from harsher overhead lighting.  charlotte interior design
  2. Storage: We love to choose storage that is beautiful and functional (whenever possible – it’s the designer in us!). Think about what you’re needing to store. Is it just paperwork? Product? Shipping materials? General office supplies? Consider what you need and how you need it to function before landing on a storage solution that works best for you (and your team)! Once you decide on how you’d like it to function – consider choosing something that speaks to you. I.e. a beautiful bowl to hold those paperclips, a bookcase with a pretty detail or funky magnets to hold those reminders.
  3. Area rugs: Rugs add a homey touch to your space while also pulling the room together. Consider rugs with lower ‘pile’ to allow for desk chairs to roll around with ease.
  4. Plants: Not only are plants a beautiful addition to any space, they help clean the air you breathe. We all spend a lot of our day working, so why not bring in plants that are both beautiful and great for our health?!charlotte interior design
  5. Personalize it, but don’t overdue it: Artwork is great; and depending on your line of work, personal photos of family/pets are great too. Just don’t forget to keep it clean and functional. Too much of anything can clutter your space leading to less productive work days.

You can learn more about Stephanie’s work at and follow her business on instagram at @stephaniecalderoninteriors. Definitely check her out and keep her in mind for any interior design needs you might have!

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