hygge cares. It’s all about accountability.

We are proud to partner with OrthoCarolina to shed light on how these worlds sometimes blend together, and how we are better for it. hygge cares.

Michael Orell & Bradley Smith

As we think about our well-being, we usually focus internally. We rarely think of how others impact our wellness – to keep us accountable. Whether it’s goals, challenges, successes, or simply just showing up, the unique relationships made within the walls at hygge are what drive people, and their businesses, forward. hygge cares is made easy by OrthoCarolina and this week we are taking time to focus on accountability.

Michael Orell and Bradley Smith (@avoinsights) created a unique partnership when they met in the back of hygge’s 3rd ward location. Bradley showed up, brand new to Charlotte, with his fancy automatic sit/stand desk in tow. His words were literally, “I just moved here and my desk doesn’t fit in my apartment, can I bring it here?” – we begrudgingly said ???? sure.

Six months later, we see Mike and Bradley scheming every damn day. Bradley said, “Mike and I came up with an accountability schedule. We meet once a week to talk about goals set and goals achieved. He tasked me with meeting 20 people a day.” The impact on business? Bradley shares, “it has made a huge impact on my company. The people I’m meeting, and the more people who know about @avoinsights pushes me forward at a more rapid pace.” The two don’t work in the same industry and they don’t work on the same projects.

Michael gets a big benefit out of the partnership as well. Mike shares, “the new ideas and fresh business sense I get from our conversations allow me and my business to grow also. We always leave our meetings sharing a win and it always keeps me looking for the next opportunity.” Bottom line: sure, they could each do their own thing, but doing it together makes a world of a difference.

Michelle Carter & Quintel Gwinn

Our favorite messages to wake up to are “you’ve been tagged in a post” on Instagram at 1:27am. Seriously. @mz_carter and @quingwinn don’t stop. ???? These two, along with some others who show up at all hours of the night at hygge west, keep each other in check even when no one else is watching.

Sharing in success and looking for guidance in challenging times, Michelle shares, “having someone to bounce ideas off of, makes the day easier to manage.” When we think of wellness, we think of the total package. Taking care of one another and sharing in these moments of highs and lows impacts the trajectory of our business. Being well sometimes means leaning on each other on the longest days.

Working outside of your typical 9-5 can feel lonely, and sometimes causes guilt. When we are taking care of our families during the day, we have to put in the work at night. It makes us feel more empowered knowing that there are others burning the midnight oil alongside us, going through the same daily challenges. “The accountability is what keeps us coming back and keeping tabs on one another’s progress on projects, and also our families,” says Quin.

DC, Melissa & Emily

OG fam, @dcruns and @melissa.brokaw have sat in the same spot for years, working together and effectively running the b-side of hygge 3rd ward (and @wellrunmedia). @sandymead_mle is a long-time member who came, and left (to Berlin), and came back, to share the same table making quite a dynamic trio. Working together doesn’t always mean on the same business or project, but it might mean “starting my day with a nice conversation, or having access to empathy and understanding when I face difficult business situations.” Emily explains, “it keeps me accountable to show up and feeling good about coming to work.”

Emily remembers, “telling @garretttichy that this time, going back to Berlin, I was actually really sad to go.” Emily is now moving into a new apartment and bought herself a car – she’s here to stay! But what impact did Melissa and DC have on Emily’s decision come home, for good? Melissa says, from “washing each others coffee mugs,” to big life moments, like “planning our new homes,” there is something comforting knowing we have each others backs. “We check in on each other if we aren’t there.”

DC shares proudly, “our little corner of hygge has played the role of sounding board and resource when members have lost jobs, struggled with business and health challenges, talked through ideas and business plans, pitches, and gripes,” with not only the b-side of hygge 3rd ward but so many more.

The accountability they share goes farther. Taking care of each other with well-being in mind makes this coworking space a family. “Heck, we’ve even jump-started each other’s cars, picked up kids, picked up lunch, coffee, or donuts.” DC says, “and yes, we’ve collectively shared in the excitement of each other’s successes. Accountable? Perhaps. Beholden? But in a good way. Grateful? Without a doubt.”

Yash Mistry & Travis Manigan

Talk about two people who are thankful for each other. Yes – those two, Yash and Travis ????

Travis and Yash are on two different paths, in life and career, but that doesn’t stop them from keeping each other in check. They are both working (hard) on building their own separate businesses. But together, “we know that we can count on each other for our honest opinions whenever we are thinking of a new idea or direction or whenever we are going through any issues or confusion,” Yash said. It’s not complicated, he shares, “there is total and brutal honesty.”

Travis is the Founder/CEO at @gameplanfam and always wears the brightest smile in the room. Travis says, “we also try to lift each other’s spirits up, help come up with solutions, or at the very least we can count on each other for some laughs.” They help keep each other accountable and mentally well “so we can stop for a second, take a deep breath and get back to work with a fresh mind,” says Yash.

When they get together to share ideas and/or challenges, they say, “it helps us think about issues from more than one perspective.” These two are no doubt working hard. But when they are working together, they are both better for it.

Meg Seitz & Julia Fay Murray

The voice and image of hygge would not be without @meg_seitz and @juliafayphoto. They started writing and photographing the @hyggeclt blog together in January 2017. Funny thing – they interviewed/wrote about and snapped pictures (respectively) for about a month or two before they actually met each other. They were in sync and didn’t even know each other.

The two have written about and photographed over 75 members for the hygge blog; they launched a branding intervention workshop series, and then a sister company to each of their own – @tothandfay. They work together weekly, if not daily, some weeks.

In this partnership, accountability is based on trust and communication. “We trust each other and each other’s experience and judgment completely, and it’s just always been like that,” says Julia. “I think that’s one of those things about accountability – because we trust each other, we know how to push each other, how to listen to the other, and how to respect the other without question.”

What helps that? Constant communication. Between email, text, and the walkie-talkie app (what?!), the two are in constant communication which leaves no room for anything but work – and a lot of fun. This leads us to their last key ingredient to accountability and well-being – a sense of humor.

“I think every time we’re together, we laugh about something or someone or each other or both of us,” says Meg. “I think a sense of humor and fun that keeps both of us laughing and enjoying all this means we don’t take ourselves too seriously – and that’s as much about accountability than anything else.”

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