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hygge talks art curation with Jasmine Boyce

We are so excited to be hosting our first ever art exhibit as hygge at our brand new location, hygge belmont, in just a few weeks! hygge belmont was previously Advent, and the team their supported local artists by curating their work on the walls of the coworking space, which served two purposes: it made the space even more beautiful and it allowed them to introduce coworkers and their guests to local artists and even allowed them to buy art while they were there.

As part of the initiative, when the art was changed over, Advent Coworking would host an exhibit. We absolutely love this and cannot wait to continue the tradition on Thursday, August 18 for our first Abstract Visions Art Exhibit. The event runs from 6-8 p.m. and is free and open to the public. We hope you’ll come check it out.

It takes a lot to pull something like this off, and we are so glad we’ve had the opportunity to work with local curator Jasmine Boyce to pull everything off for the exhibit. Jasmine is the Program Manager at Empire Startups, the largest community network of FinTech entrepreneurs, investors, and bank innovators around the world. But she’s also helped curate several of Advent’s shows in the past. This is her first and, unfortunately, last show with us as she’s moving on to bigger things (more on that below).

charlotte artist

We wanted to sit down with Jasmine to ask her about her work, the upcoming show and what’s next for her. You can read all about it below. But be sure you also follow her on Instagram (@jasmine.mykaela) and check out her website here.

How did you get into art curation?

As an artist myself, I know how incredibly hard it is to get display or visibility opportunities, especially if you haven’t been in the scene long or can’t dedicate your full time to pursuing your art career. So I wanted to figure out a way to create exposure opportunities for local Charlotte artists. Curating is also a special way that I am able to connect individually with the artists and understand the “why” behind why they create. It has truly been a pleasure getting to work with over 25+ artists and learning their stories on what inspires them.

What exactly *is* art curation for those who might not know?

Art curation, to me, is presenting a collection of artists’ artworks in a show that is centered around a theme. Specifically in the shows I curate, it is so important to promote diversity and representation, not only in the artwork and styles, but with the artists themselves. There’s something so beautiful about being in a room full of people from all different walks of life, and we all collectively share an abundance of love and respect for art while expressing it through different ways.

charlotte artist

For the upcoming Abstract Visions Art Exhibit at hygge belmont, what were you looking for as you curated the show?

I was looking specifically for abstract artists. In the previous show, we featured portraiture artists, so I wanted to do something on the completely different side of the art spectrum. The ambiguity of abstract art has always been so intriguing to me because I love that it is a full expression of one’s self and emotions without the message always being clear to the eye.

How would you describe the upcoming show? What should people expect?

People should expect a variety of different styles and different mediums. Each artist represented in this upcoming show is so unique in their own way and I think you will be able to feel that as you observe their art.

Do you have a favorite piece in the show?

I actually don’t! I genuinely have so much love for all of the art and artists in the space that it is hard to pick a favorite piece. They are all so different and unique, and it’s so rewarding to talk with the artists on their inspirations behind their pieces. I am also a HUGE art lover so I honestly get geeked out to see all art.

charlotte artist

This is the last show you’ll be curating for us – tell us about your next venture!

Yes, this is my last show with hygge, but DEFINITELY will not be my last curation opportunity. I recently took a job offer in NYC so I am excited to move in a couple of months. Not only will I continue to pursue my tech career, but I am so excited to continue chasing my art dreams!

What will you miss most about Charlotte?

Out of everything in Charlotte, (not to be corny) I will absolutely miss my sister the most! She is my best friend and my #1 supporter. She became my backbone once I started to pursue my art dreams, and she helped me every step of the way. She attended every one of my events, stayed up with me for hours as I worked on pieces and continued to encourage me when I would get discouraged on my art journey. I will miss her deeply when I move, but I am excited to continue making her proud.

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