Hygge’s Grand Opening

On Halloween morning Hygge officially opened its doors to our friends, family, and some strangers (not in a creepy way).

Doors opened at 9:00 AM…and GUYS there was a line out the door. “Wow…look how hard work pays off,” we said to each-other and then someone quoted Field of Dreams or something. We were just in awe with ourselves.


Then we realized that they were lining up for the Joe’s Doughs’ pop-up…duh. Which is completely understandable – I don’t even think I chewed those bad boys, they just slid down my gullet. SO GOOD.


They were also there to see our friends from Pure Intentions, pouring pure lavishness into cups. I have to remember to thank them for putting up with me while I was waiting for coffee, I acted like I was waiting for smack from my dealer.


By far, the coolest thing to us was that everyone who came out made us a part of their Saturday morning, which is so sacred and made us so appreciative.

So, thank you to everyone who came and had a calm Saturday morning with us. We don’t want to call it a celebration because no speeches were made, no bubbly was popped (in hindsight, we should have done that) it was just amazingly low key.

It felt good to show everyone our 11 hour days (for 30+ days) of painting, ikea furniture building, and detailed decision making. Honestly, blood (very little), sweat (a lot), and tears (just mine) went into this thing and while we knew it wasn’t finished it felt good to share it with everyone.

It was Hygge. You’re beautiful, Charlotte.

Okay, below is why you clicked on this post, so you can find that awesome photo of yourself. All photos were taken by the amazing Tonya of Poprock Photography.

*If you’re nice to me I’ll show you the amazing picture of me ….woof.


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