Q&A with Haley Bohon after Coffee Hours

This is part of our OrthoCarolina Living Room Series where we feature local groups using the space. Stay tuned to learn about another group that used the OrthoCarolina Living Room on our blog next week.

Fellow grammarians of the internet, is it “Coffee Hours are” or “Coffee Hours is?” I need answers.

It is a singular event, but also recurring. HALP.


I apologize for the delay. Thank you for your cooperation. I consulted with resident grammarian and all around badass, Marty Kelso.

We decided it is “Coffee Hours is.”

Whew. Glad we got that out of the way. Let us continue.

Coffee Hours with Mac Lackey is still a new thing around here but has quickly become a highly anticipated event at Hygge.

SkillPop Founder Haley Bohon attended Coffee Hours in the OrthoCarolina Living Room. I did a Q&A with her to see what she thought and how it related to her business. Check it out.

What made you decide to come to Coffee Hours?

It was on my radar because I’ve followed some of what Mac has written in the last year or so, but Garrett reached out and really encouraged me to come. I’ve been to plenty of networking/pitch events in the area, but nothing structured like this  a small group setting where the floor was open and you could ask anything of a seasoned entrepreneur and business leader. It piqued my interest!

What has it been like starting a business in Charlotte? What about expanding to Raleigh? What has it been like navigating those two startup ecosystems?

Oh man. Big question! 🙂 I really think it’s a great time to start a business in Charlotte right now. Entrepreneurship is growing, the community support here is getting stronger by the day, but it’s still a small enough scene that you can make a splash with a good idea and some hard work. I’ve been amazed at the support we’ve had here since day one!
Raleigh is still early for us. It’s growing steadily, and for me personally is definitely different to be growing the business there without physically living there. We have an amazing team on the ground there and are learning more every day about how to stay connected as a greater team, learn from each other, and reach our goals.

As an entrepreneur, what has been the hardest obstacle since starting your business?

Focus! It’s easy to get shiny penny syndrome to see an opportunity and want to jump on it. I put a lot of time and energy into setting goals for us and working through whether or not they’re the right goals.

What were your overall thoughts on Mac’s event? Was it helpful? What made it different from other events?

The Coffee Hours event with Mac was extremely helpful! To me, it felt like a safe space where I could talk through what I’m struggling with as a business owner or what I’m challenged by. Mac’s feedback and input clicked quickly for me, and I really appreciated how much experience he has and how well he was able to leverage that for the benefit of others. We had a great room of people as well  I enjoyed hearing from other entrepreneurs and business owners.

Are you doing awesome things in the community, but don’t have a spot for your next meeting? Contact us about using the OrthoCarolina Living Room.

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