6.5 Things I Learned About Life With My Dad

Written by Olivia Tichy · Photography by Julia Fay

My Dad’s Garrett Tichy, owner of Hygge Coworking; as much as we could get into everything I’m learning everyday about coworking (I mean, there’s just so much < picture my arms THIS BIG > ), it’s really more fun to talk about Dad and what we do, learn, and see together about life.

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Everything really is new and fun.

I guess it’s a learning thing – maybe it’s just a life thing. I’m three, so I’m new to all this. But, I’ll say that I’m at a point where everything I see and do is brilliantly new and just so darn fun. Dad says that’s one of his favorite things about parenthood.

‘What’s that?’ and ‘why?’ are always great questions.

I ask ‘what’s that?’ and ‘why?’ a lot.  Because I want to see and understand everything. Lucky for me, Dad always answers those q’s. He actually says he loves those questions because they’re just the coolest questions ever.

I just want to know what everything is, what it does, and why it’s here. (Dear adults, live like this.)

We learn together what I love – and what scares me.

Right now – it’s bugs. They’re fascinating. (Mom feels differently.) But Dad says he loves the fact I’m fearless, a trait he finds both fun and exciting.

There’s a special place in the world for funny and adorable and weird.

I’m three years old. I have no filter. Dad says that’s funny and adorable and weird. I wish these three words were used to describe more in the world these days.

Adults catch on quick.

I like to think I’m learning to be convincing or artful – Dad might call it more manipulative or scheming. I’m learning that when I finish dinner, dessert comes next; so, when I say ‘I’m done’ I’m ready for dessert – but when I say ‘I’m full’ I leave it open for adults to wonder if I even have room for ice ice cream. Thwarted again. It’s a process, people. As much as Dad might be catching onto my ways, I’ll have some new tricks up my sleeve in no time.

We’re both just trying to figure it all out.

Dad says I’m growing and learning all the time and I’m changing at a rapid speed. With that comes me just trying to figure out the world. Dad gets to watch all that unfold – and he says it’s one of his favorite parts of being my Dad.

And here’s the .5

All these lessons are true for adults, too.

Happy Father’s Day to all our dads – for the lessons they’re teaching every, single day and the lessons they’re learning every, single day. All parties will remember always – they just might not realize it yet.

SPECIAL NOTE: Olivia Tichy is three years old; she did not write this blog post; therefore, extensive creative license was taken to write this blog post; it is a letsjustsayit – brilliant – interpretation of Olivia Tichy’s relationship with her father based on conversations with her dad.

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