The Chris Castleberry Game

Let’s play a game: What does Chris Castleberry do?

Chris castleberry

Here are three hints:

  1. He’s tall
  2. Sometimes he speaks a different language on the phone
  3. He talks about passports a lot

“My gig is the main outlier,” he laughs. “Nobody else is tangential to what I’m doing.”

I’ve never heard anyone say tangential in a sentence besides my nerdy math professor in college.

Anyway, here are some more hints:

  1. He used to live in Argentina
  2. He travels to places like Japan, Scotland, Canada and Brazil
  3. His current career spawned from meeting people at a professional sporting event here in Charlotte

Any guesses?

No, he’s not a basketball player. Although, he did play growing up.

Chris is a player manager for professional golfers like Emiliano Grillo who competed in the Olympics. If you guessed that I owe you a cookie.

Chris went to Rio alongside Grillo, but says he wasn’t scared of Zika. Apparently he did his research and the odds are very low. Whatever you say, Chris.

Chris and his golfer



So how did Chris land this job?

Let’s start from the beginning. Chris lived in Charlotte until he was nine years old. Then he moved to New Bern. Later, he attended Rhodes College in Tennessee and went on to teach English in Argentina.

Get ready. Here comes the pivot.

Chris eventually wound back up in Charlotte and met some professional Argentine golfers at Quail Hollow. They discovered that he had lived near where they were from so he took them out to dinner. They became friends. Their friendship blossomed and eventually led to his job as a tour manager. The rest is history.

Hygge Life

Chris is somewhat of an anomaly around here. He’s been here a long time aka since December. But he travels around 15 days a month between February and September so he’s a rare face. If you see him hanging around, strike up a conversation. When Chris talks you can tell every word is deliberate, which is refreshing in a world that tries to say things as fast as possible.

“Hygge is an interactive place and without having my co-workers and clients here, I can get kinda lost,” he says. “It’s nice to be in a space where there is interaction and familiar faces.”

Chris was a little worried about what I was going to write. He jokingly asked me if I was going to make his Farmers Only profile. Well Chris, dreams really do come true. Here’s a bio draft you can use on your Farmers Only profile.


Chris reading up on Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Moooooooo-ve over farmers. Just kidding. I’ll save you from the corny jokes I had planned. Trust me, they were sow bad.

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