‘Hygge was the right place to be’: Q&A With Yash Mistry On Q’s as a First-Time Business Owner, Making Connections & Coworking Family

Written by Meg Seitz · Photography by Julia Fay

Running a business ain’t for the faint of heart. It takes a lot of patience, perseverance, perspective – and knowing when you need to leverage the people and resources around you.

Meet Yash Mistry – a hygge-based business owner and Founder of Mistry Design Co. who leveraged hygge’s in-house talent to grow and learn in entrepreneurship.

Yash Mistry
Founder, Mistry Design Co.

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What were your biggest questions, concerns, or fears when you started your business?

I very quickly went from thinking about going to work for myself, to actually being on my own, running a business. So, my number one concern was finding clients. I also had a lot of questions as a first-time business owner; questions ranging from from filing the proper paperwork and registering my business to contracts, bookkeeping and all that good stuff.

How did hygge or the hygge community help to calm that fear?

hygge was the right place to be. I was able to make a lot of connections and find a lot of potential clients. Every person I came in contact with here was genuinely interested in learning more about what I do, how we can collaborate, if they had anybody they could connect me with, etc. I was also able to find answers to a lot of things I needed help with as a brand new business owner. I found an awesome attorney when I needed help with a contract, and I found a CPA when I had questions about setting up my books. Then, I started working with a lot of people right here at hygge. It truly feels like a family.

How’d you know hygge was YOUR place to build your business?

I’ve always loved hygge; I went to the opening party when it was just the A side at Hill Street. I’ve seen hygge grow and the #hyggefam do some amazing things. So when it was time for me to find a home for my business, it was a no brainer. I did not even need to set up a tour. I just showed up with my computer and the team showed me to the dedicated desk area.

What’s become more possible for you and your companies because of hygge?

Everything. I get to learn so much every day from the amazing people around me. Working out of hygge makes me work a lot harder because I see so many people crushing it every, single day. I have found so many mentors, clients and friends here at hygge. I can’t wait to see what else I can achieve, learn and build with the #hyggefam. I can keep going on and on about how awesome it is to work out of hygge. This is the place where my journey started and it keeps getting better. Looking forward to everything hygge has in store for us.

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