When You Think S Club 7, I Hope You Think of Me

This is my last day working at Hygge.

I haven’t been at Hygge from the start, but I have seen it grow since February. It has made such an incredible impact on me. Let me rephrase that, YOU people have made such an incredible impact on me.

I’ve made so many close friends here for which my life would be boring without. You’ve given me so much advice, so many opportunities and so much love. Hygge has become a part of me and will forever have a special place in my heart.

“She doesn’t even go here!” ????

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Snug as a bug in a rug. #coworking

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F is for friends who do stuff together.????????✨

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Hold on, the tears are coming. Must. listen. to. Hilary. Duff.

This song came out in 2003. I still don’t fully understand all the lyrics, but it just seems fitting. Plus so many of you, at least those of you under the age of 27, think Lizzie McGuire is my “spirit animal,” so there you go.

When I first came to Hygge, I sat in the Huddle Room for an interview with Kayla and Garrett. The space was half the size it is now and I was just a girl searching for what my career would be. Kayla and I immediately bonded over our favorite coffee shops while Garrett rolled his eyes — typical.


I wasn’t sure what I thought about the position. My only experience was in journalism. I stumbled upon a digital marketing internship that led to my first full-time job which led me to the wonderful people who have shaped me tremendously over the past year.

I never wanted to work in Charlotte. I thought I would hate it (more about that and my love for Charlotte here). I applied to jobs everywhere but here. Yet I ended up on Hill Street in the shadow of Bank of America Stadium surrounded by the most incredible people who made it a delight to wake up for work every morning.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for doughnuts! Happy International Coworking Day! ????????

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I will miss telling your stories on the Hygge blog, trying to answer your inquisitive questions (even though most of them are “Garrett questions”), shuffling in with a few dozen Duck Donuts “just because,” creating sassy Basecamp posts/quotes, getting made fun of for my playlist additions (long live S Club 7), and of course, seeing your shining faces every day.

While leaving Hygge is sad, let us shed no more tears. I am so, so, so excited for my next adventure. I will be working right down the street at Wray Ward, so no more “Maybeeee I’ll go get lunch with you next week, Sarah.” No. You must be my friend and eat with me. Kapeesh? <3

And as the youngest Hygge member, all I ask is that you sing along to “Hero” every time it comes on…because y’all are my heroes.


Hygge Coffee Pot

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