black owned business

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Happy Black History Month, everyone. 

While we hope you are doing things year-round to educate yourself on Black history (worldwide, nationwide and locally) as well as making conscious efforts to support Black organizations and businesses, we recognize some of you might not. Maybe you’ve never thought about prioritizing these things, or maybe you’re feeling a little overwhelmed and aren’t sure where to start. 

We believe one of the most impactful ways that you can give back to the local Black community is monetarily. Charlotte has a plethora of Black creatives, businesses and nonprofits you can learn from and support directly. 

black owned business

If you’re looking for a comprehensive list, we highly recommend visiting Charlotte Black Owned’s website. Charlotte Black Owned is a Black-run social good company that helps promote the city’s Black-owned businesses and organizations. No matter what type of product, service or nonprofit you’re looking for, Charlotte Black Owned will likely have an option or two in their directory. 

In opening Lokal by hygge last year, we’ve also met even more of the city’s incredible Black business owners. We shop with them all the time now and recommend them constantly. We hope you’ll take a few moments to get to know each of these businesses, follow them on social media and find your own ways to support them throughout the year. 

Let’s get started:

black owned business

Nana’s Girls Squared is a spiritual shop led by sisters Ebby & Kiki, who combined their gift of creating with their magical abilities to bring you a range of witchy products including handmade crystal jewelry, intention oils, loose leaf tea, bath products and even coffee mugs. Everything is made with love, light and Black girl magic.

Pretty Honest Candles supplies Charlotte and beyond with “soy candles that don’t suck.” This company was born out of Andrea’s desire to find a candle that truly filled her home with its scent, instead of barely filling a room. The result is a line of delicious candles & home fragrances that are clean burning, slow burning and biodegradable. Her claim to fame is that Beyonce featured Andrea’s candles on her website – so cool.

black owned business

Making Statements Boutique is a couture, upscale boutique and lifestyle brand created by Tonya Ford (aka T. Ford), and its purpose is to create something for everyone. Making Statements believes you don’t have to have the most expensive outfit for it to be the hottest outfit, and supplies a wide range of clothing products, including a Black History Month line.

Farie’s Collection is a bold and vibrant fashion and home decor brand. You can find everything from stylish backpacks and handbags to elegant outfits for all bodies. Owner Farie Mushipe designs everything that’s listed on her site and you can’t help but fall in love with the unique designs. 

Analogue Luxury comes from the mind and hands of photographer and designer David J. Butler (aka DavehasWingz). You can shop a line of premium hats, shirts, hoodies and more. The brand is meant to respect the past while creating something for the now to set the table for the future. 


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