What Does Hygge Mean?

I get it all the time—“What does Hygge mean?”

I like that no one usually knows before I tell them, but recently a woman from Iceland visited the space. Growing up she learned Danish and immediately recognized the word and pronounced it like a pro (hoo-ga). She explained it to her friends and my heart jumped for joy. Hygge can be used as a noun, verb or adjective and doesn’t have a direct translation to English—which I like to think adds some mystery—but essentially it means being cozy, surrounded by your favorite people, in your favorite space and being completely happy with life. Sounds marvelous, right?

Right! That’s what Hygge Coworking is all about. Our 9,000 square foot space has the perfect spot for everyone. There are so many nooks and crannies that you would be hard-pressed to not find your favorite area.


Welcome to Hygge

For me, I bounce around a lot. One day you might see me sitting at the front desk. Contrary to popular belief I am not the receptionist, but I do love showing people around and talking and smiling…Smiling’s my favorite.


The Champagne Room

I also sit in the Quiet Room/Champagne Room a lot, whichever name you prefer. It looks cooler than I will ever be, but it is my personal oasis. The gray chairs are the comfiest chairs I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in. Seriously, people have asked us where we got them so they could buy them for their house—they’re that comfortable. If you follow Hygge’s Snapchat (HyggeCLT), you will see a lot of this room. Who doesn’t love a furry beanbag chair and pretty dangling lights?


Make yourself at home

For Garrett, his favorite spot is up front at a tall table near the door. He’s there 90 percent of the time running the show. The other 10 percent he’s wandering around the space doing all the behind-the-scenes stuff. Thanks Garrett for being awesome and for making Hygge, hygge!

If you’re looking for a space to call home, visit us. We would love to show you around. Come find your personal hygge!

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