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women’s history month with hygge

We’ve been spending this Women’s History Month steadily celebrating some of the incredible women entrepreneurs and inspirations here in Charlotte. More specifically, we’re highlighting a few of the folks that we see on a daily basis here at hygge coworking. We asked each of them a quick question to learn more about what being a woman means to them. It reminded us how grateful we are to have a strong and diverse community within our walls. Check out their answers below:

Haley Willis, environmental compliance engineer at Resource Management Associates and co-owner of local small business Mossick & Co. 

Question: What does Women’s History Month mean to you? 

Answer: Women’s History Month, to me, is a great opportunity to acknowledge all of the women who have spent so much time and put so much of themselves into bolstering our community and making it a better place. It’s also a great time to acknowledge all of the effort women have put forth, especially for a woman like me in STEM and engineering. It’s just a wonderful time to honor these women and everything they’ve done.

charlotte womens history

LaNaria Barnes, senior director of finance at Love146

Question: Who is your biggest women inspiration or role model? 

Answer: My biggest role model would be my grandmother. She is 96 years old and as you can imagine being born in 1925 she’s seen a lot, she’s heard a lot, and she’s experienced so much. It’s her faith, her strength, and her perseverance. For example, she experienced having to go through voting literacy laws when she was younger. But even now in her 90s, she makes sure she’s there for every election to vote because she sees it as a right and still gets excited about it. So I would say my grandmother, who I love dearly.

Jessica Lackey, business consultant and strategist at Jessica Lackey Consulting

Question: How do you work to empower the next generation of women? 

Answer: I empower the next generation of women by coaching and teaching women how to get in touch with aspects of themselves that they traditionally don’t celebrate in business. Our intuition, our spirituality, our community. These are the aspects that will propel curiosity and sustainability to keep women in business for the long term. That’s how we empower women.

charlotte womens history

Tara West, owner of Scarf & blazer and Experience Bold

Question: What would you tell yourself when you first started your business? 

Answer: I would tell myself to be strong, be brave, not be afraid to make mistakes, and never devalue my worth. Also, a reminder to always use my connections and always use my experience to further myself and grow my business.

We’re feeling pretty dang inspired after hearing those answers. Big shoutout to the awesome women featured here, and another big shoutout to all women everywhere. Thanks for being you.

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