zero to ten with ben kalra

There aren’t very many people who can say they even like their jobs, let alone that they’ve found what they want to do until they’re not on this earth anymore. But Ben Kalra is one of those lucky people.

In addition to the role he plays on hygge’s marketing team, Ben is a local yoga teacher, specifically with Noda Yoga but you might find him holding classes elsewhere, or in Mexico hosting his own yoga retreat, or posting classes on YouTube.

Not only is Ben a yoga teacher: he’s a kind, compassionate, and intentional yoga teacher. He believes movement practice is all about showing up and taking space for yourself, rather than getting lost in the intricacies of doing a specific post correctly.

“I think it’s about being able to customize the yoga pose and practice to fit our bodies and where we’re at in time,” he explains in the latest Zero to Ten episode.

In the episode we talk a lot about Ben’s passion for yoga and why he loves it so much. We also talk about Just A Sip, his daily podcast that he produces through hygge. On that podcast he attempts to encourage folks to take a moment for themselves to hear some positive words, take some deep breaths, do a quick meditation or challenge themselves. Every episode is less than 2 minutes long, and it’s one of our very favorite things we do around here.

We also chat about Ben’s cat Lebron, some of his favorite recreational activities (Ben’s, not Lebron’s) and jaywalking.

To listen to the whole episode, press play above or search for Zero to Ten wherever you get your podcasts.

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