zero to ten with bryce celotto

Bryce Celotto is like a neon sign. He’s bright, he’s loud and he has important things to say. Bryce is also the Founder and Chief JEDI Officer at Swarm Strategy, the company he launched at the beginning of 2020. JEDI is a cool acronym for justice, equity, diversity and inclusion, which is the center of what Swarm Strategy does.

Social justice isn’t a specific action or check box, it’s an ongoing commitment or lifestyle. Swarm Strategy helps companies implement justice into their everyday operations by offering workshops, trainings, consultations, content creation, HR strategy and more. Basically, for anything your company could need in order to become more equitable and inclusive, Bryce has got your back.

Swarm Strategy was also recently named as a semifinalist for the Charlotte Hornets Innovation Summit, which supports BIPOC-owned businesses through financial grants. Check out Bryce’s pitch and vote for Swarm Strategy here.

Bryce understands that social justice topics can be daunting for some folks and businesses, which is what inspired his latest idea: #racialjusticerecipes. It’s a monthly newsletter that provides an easy-to-understand “recipe” for a rotating racial justice topic, breaking it down into digestible actions and advice. It’s meant to be more of a framework than a prescriptive “fix it” list, because a JEDI looks different at every organization. Some people like it sweet, others like it spicy, and that’s okay. Bryce and Swarm just want to get these conversations started for as many people as possible.

Bryce also talks about his journey as a human being, including his love for cooking, being the first openly transgender student athlete at his college and how he got started in advocacy work in his communities. He’s a Charlotte native, and we’re so glad he decided to return home after spending over a decade in other places including Washington D.C. and California.

After getting to know Bryce, we can confirm that one person can make quite an incredible difference. He’s a flex member in our space, so give him a friendly hello if you see him in passing. Listen to the podcast episode here, or search Zero to Ten wherever you find podcasts.

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