Zero to Ten with DC Lucchesi

Boy… this guy. DC is a firecracker, a force to be reckoned with, a true “party person,” and an absolute blast to be around. He brings in an undeniable amount of energy to everything he does, and we truly love that he’s a part of the fam 💛 it was only a matter of time before we had him on the Zero to Ten podcast so you all can see just what a fun guy he is. If you’ve never met him, DC is the founder and owner of Well-Run Media. He’s also an avid runner – like, he runs 100 mile races. Yeah, crazy. It all started when he was in high school and it’s never stopped. For him it’s a great way for him to keep himself well, explore new areas of places he’s living or visiting and meet new people. It’s a way for him to unplug totally and be alone with his thoughts. In fact, he doesn’t even listen to music or podcasts while he’s running: “When you have that opportunity to spend some time in the outdoors like that and can appreciate what’s all around you and that creation, it’s like danggg, I am one lucky son of a gun to be out there.”

We’ll let him and host Mary Johnson take it from there. Give a listen to the whole episode on your drive home today or on your lunch break – it’s a good one. This podcast was made easy thanks to @orthocarolina 💛

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