zero to ten with julia rohrbach

hygge’s photographer is in front of the camera for once as we sit down with her in this episode of Zero to Ten to get a little update about how her life has changed personally and professionally over the past year and a half.

You might know her better as Julia Fay, since the name of her business is Julia Fay Photography. Julia is a stellar branding photographer in Charlotte and the person behind our entire visual brand. She’s owned her own photography business since college, so she’s got quite a few years of experience under her belt, but of course, nothing could prepare her for the Covid-19 pandemic.

Everyone faced their share of hardships during the height of the pandemic, and Julia was no different. She had just added a photographer to her team and was unable to provide her any work. For a while all she could do was wait things out, until some businesses and teams were comfortable having her do some product and brand photography.

But the pandemic wasn’t all bad for Julia. Business slowly started picking up toward the end of summer with her usual clients and she was able to offer some family portrait and headshot sessions that kept her and her team busy.

She also saw some big things happen personally: Last summer, Julia got engaged to her now husband, Stephen. The pair actually met through hygge (which is pretty damn cool) and officially tied the knot over summer 2021. That means in addition to keeping her business afloat, Julia also had to plan a wedding in the middle of a pandemic, which was difficult in its own ways.

In this episode of Zero to Ten, we talked with Julia a bit about how she made it through the tough times, how running a photography business looks different now compared to pre-pandemic days, and what’s next for her local biz.

You can listen to the full episode above, or find Zero to Ten wherever you like to tune into your podcasts.

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