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As an artist, Michelle Fernandez is constantly asking herself what small ways she can bring joy into her home. It’s something she learned from her mother, a first-generation immigrant who was heavily invested in her home, and she’s carried it with her into her business, Limoncitos.

Limoncitos is a home goods brand where Michelle gets to channel her creativity and joy. She makes everything from trays to barrettes using polymer and terrazzo with the goal of encouraging others to create spaces which reflect themselves and make them happy.

“Home and the spaces you inhabit are worthy of reflecting you,” she told us during our podcast recording.

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Michelle started Limoncitos as a hobby during the pandemic. She had just started her second masters program, she had enrolled her four-year-old into preschool and she felt like she was finally getting into the swing of things when it came to life. And then, she was suddenly stuck at home and feeling trapped.

Her therapist encouraged her to find something which helped her feel grounded and happy, so she returned to art as she had many times over the years. She saw someone creating terrazzo goods on Tik Tok and the rest is history. She started selling her goods and she named her business Limoncitos in a nod to her mother, who always told her to make lemonade from life’s lemons.

She’s become a popular local business at pop ups from Front Porch Sundays to Mistletoe Market, and earlier this year she was accepted into Madewell’s hometown heroes program. She also just wrapped up her counseling degree and is looking for ways to meld her two passions – therapy and art – together.

We talk with her about all of this on the podcast and so much more. Listen to the full episode above or search for our show, Zero to Ten, wherever you like to listen.

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