zero to ten with sam hagy

Just a few months ago, Sam Hagy did something pretty big and pretty scary. After eight years in the orthodontics industry, she quit her career to pursue her passion in group fitness full time.

It was at that point she joined FIT, hygge’s group fitness gym in Charlotte, as the assistant general manager. She wasn’t too scared about the way she dove head first into this new adventure, though. “If I didn’t quit then, I knew I wasn’t going to,” she said during our recording.

Since then, Sam has helped our GM, Jamie, tremendously with the general operations of the gym as well as taken on a lead role in planning events to get the word out about FIT to those who might not know there’s a high quality gym on the west side of Charlotte.

This was a surprising move for a lot of friends and loved ones in Sam’s life because she’s a very shy person – so much so that her nickname is “turtle.” If you’ve taken a class with Sam or been to any FIT event, you’d never guess this. She says group fitness has allowed her to come out of her shell – pun intended.

It’s also allowed her to figure out how to properly fuel her body, kept her active on days when she really didn’t feel like going to the gym and figuring out what to do for herself, and allowed her to build a community she loves.

“I feel like it’s helped so much with my mental health,” she says. “It just keeps you going.”

Learn more about Sam and what she does by listening above or searching for Zero to Ten wherever you like to get your podcasts. You can learn more about FIT on their website or by following them on Instagram.

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