zero to ten with stacey rose

Everyone, meet Stacey Rose, a member of our hygge fam and a writer for Hollywood. Which is like, arguably one of the coolest jobs you could ever land, if you think about it. We promise we weren’t super star struck when we spoke with her on our podcast, Zero to Ten.

It’s easy to be inspired by Stacey, though. She got her start as a slam poet in Charlotte before a mentor convinced her to head to grad school at 37-years-old. She went to NYU Tisch School of the Arts and learned all about screen writing and play writing. From there, her career was jumpstarted by her mentorship with Spike Lee. She produced award winning plays all over the U.S. before getting the call to be a writer on the TV show 911 a few years ago.

It’s easy to see the love Stacey has for the 911 cast and writers (she’d even choose them to hang with in the event of a zombie apocalypse), but she says she eventually got too comfortable there, and that’s when the universe tends to step in.

First came the writers strike, which was long and emotionally draining for Stacey. She had no idea if or when she would work again. But right before the strike, 911 was sold to a different network. Stacey had a feeling that meant changes were coming, and her gut was right. The day the strike ended, she received a call: she was being let go from the show so the new network could bring in their own writers.

Her positivity shines through, though.

“Whenever I get too comfortable, whenever I’m not shining my own light enough, whenever I’m not doing the things that make me passionate, whenever I’m not putting the work I’m supposed to be putting out into the world, the cover gets snatched off of me,” she says.

She’s taking this opportunity to work on things that she loves and showcases her voice as a Black writer. She’s in talks with Viola Davis’ company for a project and has been meeting with a popular director on another project (but she couldn’t share details on that just yet). She knows this end means a new, bigger and better beginning coming soon.

“Bet on me,” she says. We certainly will.

Listen to the full podcast episode above or search for Zero to Ten wherever you like to jam to your podcasts. Follow along with Stacey’s journey on her website.

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