Zero to Ten with Starting Point Counseling and Wellness

If you’ve been struggling with your mental wellness lately, you’re not alone. For Mental Health Awareness Month we sat down to chat with Jenee Thorsell and Dana Burbridge Pennington, the owners and therapists behind Starting Point Counseling and Wellness at our hygge jay street location.

The pair says they’ve seen a lot of folks struggling with their emotional safety as they’ve adjusted to a global pandemic, job or business insecurity and isolating from family and friends. In particular, business owners and entrepreneurs have struggled as many have faced an uncertain economy, business closures and the need to find new ways to operate.

“The brave mask oftentimes when you are a business owner is needed,” Jenee says. “And then when you go home and have a family and have children you want to show that strength, and that’s fine. But we have to learn where to take that off, because if we don’t ever take it off, we don’t have the energy to be that all the time.”

Prioritizing mental wellness has become exceedingly important because of this, and in the Zero to Ten episode we talk with Dana and Jenee about finding a therapist that works best with you. We also talk about the creative ways they’ve found to work with folks virtually over the past year.

Give the episode a listen below or find it on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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