zero to ten with tara west

Tara has a long history in events, but it wasn’t until she was laid off during the pandemic that she decided to make the leap to business ownership. Since then, Experience Bold has grown and is behind many events in Charlotte and beyond.

What she loves about event planning might surprise you. When many of us think of events, we think about the decor, or perhaps the entertainment. The part that Tara loves, though, is the logistics. She wants to create plans and timelines that maximize set-up, breakdown and every other piece of the puzzle.

This realization has allowed her to focus on the types of events which allow her to solves those types of problems. You won’t catch her planning a wedding, but if there’s a corporate, nonprofit or large-scale community event you need help with, she’s game.

Need some examples? When she worked for the Fillmore in Charlotte, she was tasked with planning Jeff Gordon’s retirement party, and her big task was getting one of his cars into the venue. “It was quite the logistical problem,” she laughs. Doors had to be removed and the car barely fit with only millimeters on the side. Solving that problem was exhilarating for her, and she’s been doing it for all different types of clients since.

We talk with Tara about her journey to entrepreneurship, her favorite events, her bucket list and her astrological signs. The interview is a little all over the place, but a ton of fun. Listen to the full thing above, or search for Zero to Ten wherever you like to listen to your podcasts.

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