zero to ten with haley jasmin, aka the uptown doula

If we gleaned one thing from our conversation with Haley Jasmin, the owner of Uptown Doula, it’s that being at the beck and call of a person who might go into labor at any moment and raising three young children is not easy.

But you’d never know it in interacting with Haley. She radiates positivity and calm, and will soon have you laughing and joking right with her. So it makes sense that she’s chosen the profession she has. She’s the type of person a parent want in the room when they’re spiraling out because their entire life is about to change, and typically in a pretty intense fashion (aka child birth).

For those who don’t know (don’t worry, we didn’t at first either) there are two types of doulas: a birth doula is a support system for the person carrying a child to ensure they are taken care of and have as good an experience as possible throughout the birthing process. Then there are postpartum doulas, who help provide support to parents after birth by checking in at home and helping out wherever they’re needed – typically overnight.

Haley’s practice, which she started in 2017 and has grown to a team of 13, does both on different scales depending on what each parent needs. It’s easy to see she’s found her life passion as she shares stories about different births she’s experienced or her favorite parts of the job.

Haley has three children herself, and didn’t have a doula for her first birth. When her second child came she decided she wanted a doula because she didn’t have a great experience. Her daughter’s birth was anything but typical: she lived in Illinois at the time and nearly gave birth in her car on the way to the hospital. Despite what could be a pretty scary experience, Haley said she loved it, and it was all because she had a doula on the phone to help talk her through everything and keep her calm.

It was this experience that led her to pursue becoming a doula after her family moved to the Charlotte area a few years ago. Her favorite part of it all is watching parents go from feeling very nervous to empowered with her help.

“When I see women feel empowered and watch that transformation, it’s really cool.”

You can listen to the full conversation with Haley above or by searching for Zero to Ten wherever you like to listen to your podcasts. Check out Haley’s services by clicking here.

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