covid-19 policy.

Updated: August 3, 2021

The CDC has recently recommended folks, vaccinated and unvaccinated, resume wearing masks while indoors near others, and we are going to follow their lead on this. Anytime you are walking around in hygge, we ask that you mask up, regardless of vaccination status. Once you are seated in an open space, are in your office or are in a meeting room with others you feel comfortable with, you can go ahead and take it off. 

As a reminder: If you or your team tests positive for Covid-19 and have interacted with hygge in the 2 weeks prior to your positive test please reach out to immediately. We need to know immediately of any cases that have crossed into our spaces so we can take the proper precautions and support you and your team as you navigate the situation.

Member Policy:

If a member enters any of our locations tests positive for Covid-19, here is what happens:

  • That person is asked to quarantine for 14 days from the date of their positive test. Their access to the building is revoked for that time period.
  • Anyone who works in close proximity to that individual (shared office space) has their access removed from the space until they test negative for Covid-19 and let us know.
  • Anyone who was in the coworking space at the same time as the individual who tested positive is notified, even if they didn’t come in direct contact with said person. We want you to have the information so you can make the decisions that feel best for you and your loved ones.
  • We will continue to evaluate if the virus was contained or if we need to temporarily close a space after we are notified of a positive result. As of right now, this has not been necessary, but know that we take cases seriously and always consider if this is the right move to protect everyone.

We get that this is a bummer for everyone, and want to thank you all for your patience and understanding in following this. We’re all hoping this goes by quickly and we can go back to seeing your smiling faces soon.

Stay safe, wash your hands and thanks for everything you do for us, fam.