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Welcome to the world of building a startup. It’s kind of big and confusing and lonely, isn’t it?

Coworking can help with that. Not only can a coworking space offer startup founders essentials like space to build and create, conference rooms to meet with investors or your employees and great coffee to keep it all going, we can offer you something else: connections.

Join a community of people going through the same things. It’s easy.

how can coworking help?

Okay, let’s break down what exactly startups get when coworking with hygge:

  • 24/7 access to all four of our locations to come work whenever, wherever
  • The opportunity to meet other startup founders, contractors, business owners and Charlotteans
  • Free, local coffee
  • The ability to use us as your business address
  • Phone rooms for business calls and zoom meetings
  • Free meeting space hours for whatever you might need
  • Fast wifi
  • Free parking
  • Free black and white printing options
  • Access to community events, continuing education opportunities and other fun get togethers
  • The ability to grow at your own pace from a flex membership to an office membership

what is coworking?

Coworking is kind of this confusing millennial concept, so it’s okay if you’ve never heard of it before. Allow us to break it down even further for ya: coworking is essentially shared space.

There are different tiers through which you can share the work space, from bringing your laptop in and setting up in the open space as a flex member to having your own private office for you and your team. Of course there are other options too, like the dedicated desk, where you get your own spot to sit and leave things like a monitor or that pic of your dog you love.

In paying a monthly membership, you not only get 24/7 access to the space, but access to a community (plus all the other things we outlined above). The goal is to make building your own startup, well, easy. Or at least easier.

coworking for startups


Skiptown, previously known as Skipper and before that known as The Waggle Company, is perhaps one of the best examples of this ideal. Over the course of four years, Meggie grew her startup from herself, her husband and a single employee to an 80-employee business which successfully pivoted several times to remain relevant and exciting for investors.

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