get to work. build something.

If there’s one thing the world could use more of, it’s people trying to do good. 

We want to help you do that. If you’re in the process of establishing a nonprofit or you’re already established but you’re trying to grow it, our goal is to play a role in supporting you by giving you a spot to get it all done and a space where you can connect with others in your shoes.

how can coworking help?

Coworking is a bit confusing at first – we get it. Allow us to break things down for you a bit. Here’s what a membership with us includes:

  • 24/7 access to all four of our locations to come work whenever, wherever
  • The opportunity to meet more people in Charlotte
  • A network of other nonprofit teams and nonprofit directors you can bounce ideas off of and connect with – not to mention potential volunteers who may want to get involved with what you’re doing
  • Free, local coffee
  • The ability to use our locations as your business address
  • Phone rooms for calls and zoom meetings
  • Free meeting space hours for whatever you might need, like meeting with investors or organizing volunteer efforts
  • Fast wifi
  • Free parking
  • Free black and white printing options
  • Access to community events, continuing education opportunities and other fun get-togethers

what is coworking?

Still confused? It’s okay. To break it down even further, coworking is a spot where you can come get work done.

But the goal is to do more than just give you a table to sit at. We want to create an environment where small nonprofits can thrive. We do this by offering some of the things we mentioned above, like conference room spaces and community events that connect you to other professionals.

We know how lonely it can feel to build something new or to try to grow something on your own. We know how hard it is to concentrate on what you need to get done when you’re trying to do it from home or your local coffee shop. And we know how hard it can be to connect to others personally and professionally. That’s why we built hygge.

Quit doing this on your own. Join the fam.

hear from some hygge nonprofits.

We’re honored to have a number of incredible nonprofits coworking with us. You can learn about some of them below.

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