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If you’re an entrepreneur or nonprofit with a small team, we know exactly how much stress you’re under (after all, we are also a small business owned by an entrepreneur and managed by a small team). It’s tough to coordinate with everyone remotely and stay on top of what each individual is working on. You have to focus on growing your business as well as managing your employees and helping them grow. 

Things like creating a culture within your business, fostering continuing education and networking opportunities or even figuring out how to set up the fastest, best wifi are probably the last things on your mind – and we don’t blame you one bit. That’s where operating out of a coworking space might help ya out a bit.

how can coworking help?

Let’s get right down to it. Here are the perks:

  • 24/7 access to all four of our locations to come work whenever, wherever
  • Options for dedicated office space so you and your team can have some privacy 
  • A business address
  • The opportunity to meet other business owners, entrepreneurs, nonprofit directors or contractors you can bounce ideas off of and learn from
  • Free, delicious coffee 
  • Phone rooms for private calls and zoom meetings
  • Free meeting space hours to meet with your team, potential clients, or anyone else you want to host
  • Fast wifi 
  • Free parking 
  • Free black and white printing options 
  • Access to community events, continuing education opportunities and other fun get-togethers 

what is coworking?

Coworking spaces typically help handle all the things that you don’t want to or have time to worry about. Things like fast wifi, designated meeting spaces for you and your team to get creative, getting your logo on your door so your office feels official, providing local coffee to keep your team caffeinated, and connecting them with a diverse group of people to help them feel rooted and supported in Charlotte. 

The most important thing any of us has is time, and that’s what we want to give back to entrepreneurs with small teams. You should be focused on your business and your team, not setting up a shared kitchen or building maintenance. That’s where we come in.

coworking for startups


Skiptown, previously known as Skipper and before that known as The Waggle Company, is perhaps one of the best examples of a small team that successfully grew beyond our walls. Over the course of four years, Meggie grew her startup from herself, her husband and a single employee to an 80-employee business which successfully pivoted several times to remain relevant and exciting for investors.

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