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Meeting Space
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frequently asked questions.

what is the hourly cost of meeting space?

$30/hr. Please inquire about a discounted rate for nonprofits.

are there any food or drink restrictions?

No, we only ask that whatever you bring in you clean up and take out with you.

what connections do the tvs & projectors support?

HDMI & connection via an Apple TV. Please ensure that your laptop supports using an HDMI cable, connecting to an Apple TV or that you have the correct adaptor.

what are considered billable hours?

Your billable times starts at the time you need to setup to the time you’re done cleaning up. We bill on the hour. This means if the event starts at 7:15am you are charged for the full 7am-8am hour. If you event ends at 7:30pm. You are charged for the full 7:30-8:00pm hour.