dedicated desks.

This membership is for those of you that have commitment issues with your extra computer monitor(s), your knick knacks and your personalized snack drawer. Bring those things with ya, leave them behind on your own desk and still get all the benefits of an open workspace membership.

so this is a hot desk?

Yep, this is what some folks call a hot desk. Basically, it’s a desk to call your own. No one else sits there but you. You’re still in an open work space, which means you get the benefit of having others work around you, but your spot is your spot. easy.

This membership level is perfect for folks who need that extra monitor or two, who have files they don’t want to lug back and forth with them every day, or who just want to have that pic of their dog to look at while they get stuff done. We provide the desk, you make it feel like home.

24/7 access.

Love a good late night or early morning work session? No judgements. You get access to our coworking locations 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

all locations.

Even though you’ll just have your own desk at one location, you’re able to work in our open flex space at all locations if you ever want to switch things up. You do you, boo boo.

unlimited community.

How do you make friends as an adult? You go to a coworking space and work alongside new people, you get access to a slack channel with 400 others, you to go community events and join the hygge gym. Easy.


We’re confident in what we’ve built at hygge coworking. our membership offering is built to meet the needs of all work styles. There’s something for you, so come hang out with us. We can’t wait to meet you.

The hygge spaces are open 24/7. Membership level dictates what your access is during the week.

Access is provided through an app installed on your phone.

It’s really a bit all over the place, which we love. Startups, non-profits, small business, remote workers, solo entrepreneurs. They’re all here. If you’re looking for someone in your industry there’s a good chance you’ll find them at hygge.

It’s a coworking space, which means there’s going to be conversation and people are used to it. With that said, long business calls or more personal calls can be distracting and are best suited for one of the phone rooms or meeting rooms.

The answer is hell yes. Without our community, we are just a big ‘ol place filled with desks and chairs.

One example is our monthly event called “Zero Day” where we take a break from our usual day-to-day and come together to listen and learn from each other. It’s a beautiful time. Come join us – it’s always the second Friday of every month and the location rotates between our locations, so keep up with us on social media so you know where to find us.

We know how important big life events are for everyone! As as hygge member, we give you free access to certain spaces within our locations to celebrate life’s biggest moments with those you love…FOR FREE!

make it official.

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day passes.

Visiting from out of town or need an escape for just one day? Come hang with us. It’s only $20