zero day.

Zero Day is all about taking a little break from the day to day madness to learn from those we share space with. It’s about taking time to hear someone out – even if you don’t know ahead of time what they’ll say.

Interested in coming to the next Zero Day? They happen on the second Friday of every month. Breakfast starts at 8:30 a.m. Talks start at 9:00 a.m. sharp.

The party is open to everyone – so yeah, you’re invited, you cool cat.

hygge at camp north end

friday october 12

Zero Day

how’s it work?

Once a month we open the floor to six members of the fam to share something – anything – they want that they are passionate about. It’s not always about what they do. It’s about their newfound hobby in burlesque, what they learned that time they meditated in a dark cave for 30 days straight, and even about trees. We even had someone talk about potty training their cat. #themoreyouknow

frequently asked questions.

We’d love to have you at the next Zero Day. You can always reach us at if the following FAQs don’t answer your question.

We choose a different location every month to keep things fresh, so for more details, head here. It’s always on the second Friday each month. Breakfast is served at 8:30am. Talks start a 9:00am sharp. We’ll wrap no later than 10:15am.  We run a tight ship. On with your day!

Of course! Fill out the form above and we’ll see you at the next one. Please bring a friend. Or your dog. We like dogs.

You bet! Bring your laptop and hang with us to crush your to-do list once we’re finished up. We’ll show ya around, treat you to some coffee, and maybe even give you a high-five for your excellent choice in work environment.

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Visiting from out of town or need an escape for just one day? Come hang with us. It’s only $20.