meet the team.

Hey hey hey – we’re so pumped to meet ya. We’re the hygge team – aka a quirky and weird group of folks trying to make life a little easier for you.

We’re proud to be a locally owned small business, and though we’re a small team, we promise we’re pretty mighty. Get to know a bit about each of us below.

Thanks for being here 💛

Garrett Tichy


Garrett Tichy is the Founder and Owner of hygge coworking, FIT, little hygge, Lokal by hygge and about a million other things we’re probably forgetting. A strong advocate for Charlotte, Tichy is well-known for his natural ability to build diverse and inclusive communities of professionals – both online and in-person – who appreciate and thrive on the power of connection to elevate an initiative, a workplace and a city.

When he’s not rocking his yellow shoes at a workout, eating bread at Lincoln’s Haberdashery or hanging at any of the numerous coffee shops he loves, he’s usually baking pie with his daughter, Olivia.

Alyssa Pressler

Director of Marketing

Alyssa is originally from Upstate NY, but she doesn’t miss the snow and has been basking in the sunshine in Charlotte since 2017. You can usually find her with a book or an easy mug filled with coffee in hand. Alyssa helped launch our hygge book club when she was still just a member, but she knew she had the drive to do more so she joined the team and later opened up That’s Novel Books, a used bookstore that’s found in Lokal, hygge’s retail collective.

Alyssa started out as a member of the hygge coworking community, but fell in love with the yellow walls and people she met, so we haven’t been able to shake her since. If you ever want to nerd out with her, just bring up social media marketing or books and you’ll have a friend for life.

Chloe Barksdale

Membership Director

Chloe is one of those Charlotte unicorns we keep hearing about. She grew up right here, and her love for the city and its people shine through in everything she does at hygge. As the membership director, Chloe will help see you through all things membership related, from your tour to signing up and getting settled in the fam.

Before joining our team, she spent three years with Not Just Coffee – one of our incredible coffee partners – and found her love of interacting with and helping people there. She drinks her coffee black (but indulges in an iced matcha now and then) and loves a good hike or bike ride during her free time.

Taylor Florio

Director of Programs

Taylor Florio, aka TayFlo, is another former coworking member we’ve managed to snag for the long haul. She joined as a flex member at hygge west charlotte the very first day the location opened and has been a key part of breathing life and love into that location. She’s also been helping us manage our Charlotte podcast studio for years.

TayFlo is a proud enneagram 7 and extrovert, so if she’s not at hygge making friends, chances are she’s out somewhere else making friends. Her fav places to hang in Charlotte are Camp North End, any local coffee shop or a greenway. When she’s not out and about, she loves taking care of her home in west Charlotte and potty training her cats, Jackie and Ginger.

Ben Kalra

Marketing Support

Ben originally came into our world as a trainer at FIT, our gym attached to our hygge west charlotte. He taught yoga and bodyweight strength classes and still teaches yoga at Noda Yoga and other studios in Charlotte. When we put it out into the world that we needed a little more help on the marketing side of things and Ben reached out, we knew it would be a great match.

Ben’s quickly jumped into the hygge team, helping us share even more with you all and launching his own hygge-backed podcast called Just A Sip, which is a daily, one-minute-long episode with positive affirmations, meditations, grounding techniques and encouragement that will absolutely brighten your day. When he’s not helping others with his calming presence in the yoga or podcast studios, he’s hanging with his cat Lebron, he’s literally the coolest lil guy ever.