the photo studio.

We have a lot of creative minds here in the hyggefam. People who wield a camera, people who are building websites and need product shots, people who just need a blank canvas to get into the creative zone. Over the last four years one of our most common requests is photography space. A clean, simple room that’s well lit. Do you have that? The answer has always been no, until now.

Introducing our photo studio. The 20×15 room has beautiful natural light and a solid white floor, not to mention your choice of a few different backgrounds you can pull down. It’s a blank slate for you to do whatever you want with. The possibilities are endless.

Below are the most frequently asked questions.

$75/hr. easy.

If you’re a hygge member the price is $40/hr. To learn more about membership head on over here.

The studio is available from 8am-6pm. If you want to takes photos at let’s say, midnight please send us an email to 😬

There’s several things included in in the studio:

  • Backdrops. We have white, black, pink, and yellow. Need another color? We can recommend the place to get it. If it’s a color we want to stock we’ll make the purchase, and keep it available for other photographers.
  • Aputure Light Storm LS C120D II LED Light Kit
  • Light Dome for Light Storm LS

20′ x 15′

There are two large windows. It provides a healthy amount of natural light. We’ll also be installing blackout shades for those that want to control their own light.

The floor is also painted white which makes the whole room very bright.

booking the studio. here’s how it works.

Unfortunately, we’re in the process of revamping the photo studio. We are not currently accepting bookings.

Please stay tuned.