coworking case studies.

Not sure about this whole “coworking” thing? We get it – truly. None of us (our owner included) had any idea what coworking was before we experienced it ourselves. It’s tough to know how a coworking space might be beneficial to you – whether you’re a business owner, a startup founder, a nonprofit director or a remote worker. So don’t take it from us – take it from our #hyggefam. These case studies will give you a deep dive look into how coworking has benefitted a bunch of different people and organizations.


coworking for startups

Skiptown, formerly known as The Waggle Company and Skipper, is one of the fastest growing and most successful startups in Charlotte. And for a while, they called hygge home. Check out their journey here.


coworking for nonprofits

Coworking spaces are known for entrepreneurs and startups, but we have a lot of different nonprofits in the fam. Digi-Bridge is an incredible organization that’s been with us for years and has found some big success in our walls.

loyd visuals.

coworking for small businesses

As a small, family business, the Loyd Brothers needed a spot to legitimize their business and let their creativity take hold. They found that in hygge, and have been able to more than double their team over the past several years.