podcast studio.

We had one goal and that was create a space that was so easy to use you’ll have no excuse for not creating the next best podcast. We love podcasting and just want to make it as easy as possible for you to get up and running.

Please take a moment to read the most frequently asked questions before inquiring about the studio. All your questions should be able to be answered on this page.


In full transparency, one of the most challenging aspects of operating this studio is how little interested podcasters read these FAQs. Take a moment and learn before reaching out with questions that are answered below. We’re a small team and trying to keep the cost of the studio low. That means automating processes and handling as much as we can through this website. We appreciate you.

$20/hr. easy.

The podcast studio is located at the hygge jay street location. The address is 1026 Jay Street.

The podcast studio is open for you from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Yes, you need a MicroSD card in particular. Here is a link to one on Amazon for $6. 

We have 4 mics ready to go.

Yup! You can either bring a cord that plugs directly into your phone’s headphone jack or use your phone’s bluetooth capabilities to connect to the equipment. It’s easy.

So here’s the good news: once you’ve gone through the training with Taylor (more on that below) you can book the studio anytime, including last minute. Here’s the (sort of) bad news: for that reason, we can never guarantee when the studio will be open for a tour outside of the trainings we offer. But, with the training you’ll be right in the studio, you can see all of the equipment close up, and you’ll get a total feel for the space. So if you’d like to see inside, that’s what we’d recommend.

Can’t make it? It happens, but please be sure to cancel your training 24 hours before the start time so someone else may take your spot. Then, send Alyssa an email at alyssa@wearehygge.com and she will work with you to get you into a future training without paying an additional $20.

booking the studio.

here’s how it works. options are below.

1. you’ve never been in the studio.

It’s time to train with Tay Flo. We provide several dates & times throughout the month for a $20, 30 minute group training session on the equipment. Once this is completed you will have access to book your first session. Please note: we do not give refunds for missed training sessions, but once you’ve completed training, your first hour is on us.

🚨 IMPORTANT: This is not for team training. Please do not sign up your entire team. There are limited spots, and only the team member that will be controlling the board should participate. We reserve the right to remove duplicate requests to train. If you do not cancel or reschedule your training prior to its start time, you will need to pay $20 for an additional training. Once your training is complete, your first hour in the studio is free. Thanks for working with us on this.

2. you’ve completed your training session.

You must complete training with Tay Flo to book a first time session.

You’ve completed your training with Tay Flo. 🙌 That means you have access to book your first session. Head to your email and look for the link to sign up for our booking platform. Once that’s complete Alyssa will credit you for your free first hour.

3. you’re a repeat hygge podcaster.

I’m a professional, duh. I’ve trained with Tay Flo and have done my first session. It’s time that I take the training wheels off and crush this podcast world.

You should have received instructions on signing up in our booking platform. If not, please reach out directly to podcast@wearehygge.com.

make it official.

You’ve made it this far. Just one more step. Hit the button below and fill out the form on the next page.

day passes.

Visiting from out of town or need an escape for just one day? Come hang with us. It’s only $20