office space.

sometimes you just need a little privacy. we get it. hygge is is dedicated to providing space for people with different work styles and companies all of sizes.

hygge has private offices in each location. offices start at $650/month.

a private office all to yourself.

For some folks the open coworking space just doesn’t work, and that’s okay. That doesn’t mean coworking isn’t for you, it just means you might need your own spot – maybe because you have a team you work with or maybe because you need space to store things or maybe because you just like having your own space that you can shut a door to. Whatever the reason, we’ve got your back.

Your office is yours to make it feel like your work home. We’ll provide desks and chairs and throw your logo up on the door so you feel fancy. You can do the rest: bring in decor, hang things on the walls or even paint (just ask us first). The office is your oyster, and the possibilities are endless.

24/7 access.

With any membership level you get 24/7 access to all four of our locations in Charlotte. Come in late night, early morning or on the holidays. The grind never stops.

all locations.

In the inspirational words of House of Pain, jump around. We’ve got four locations across Charlotte open for you to work from in the flex spaces.

unlimited community.

Even if you have an office, you’re still part of the #hyggefam. There are community events designed to introduce you to new folks and a slack channel that connects you to all 400+ members at hygge. How do you make friends as an adult? This is how.


below are the most frequently asked questions about our private office space.

walls, doors, and sometimes an exterior window for all that glorious natural light. we’ll provide basic tables and chairs for a designated team size. team size is dictated by the size of the office.

offices come as small as 8×8 and as big as 20×16. 8×8 is big enough for 2 people that enjoy working closely together. 20×16 is big enough for a 4-5 person team. easy.

our doors are locked 100% of the time and we do not have receptionists. that means you must be on-site and available to let your guests into the building.

we’ve got a deal that works for everyone. whether you want to hang for a year, 6 months or keep it month-to-month, just in case, we can work with ya.

nah, we like to keep it easy. you’ll pay a prorated amount whenever you sign up for the remainder of the month. then, billing runs the first of every month.

we will get you set up with a nice new clean office. once you’re in you are responsible for the interior of your space. garbage should be left outside the office each night and our cleaning clew will empty your trash and leave a new liner.

you bet your bottom dollar. each office space membership comes with a pool of hours that can be used to book any meeting room at your home location by all members of your team. this pool resets on a monthly basis. if you need extra hours one month, it’s just an additional $20/hour.

yes, but all office customizations must be approved by the hygge team. this includes painting and hanging items. if you terminate your membership, you are required to patch any holes created and repaint the office back to the original base white.

If you would like the hygge team to patch and paint there is a $600 fee.

hygge’s exterior entrances are locked 100% of the time. our members use an app-based system locked to enter the building. members must be within proximity of the door to enter the building. basically, if you don’t have a membership with us, you can’t get in.

your private office also has a unique digital door code to enter. as long as you close the door when you leave, it will stay locked.

make it official.

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day passes.

Visiting from out of town or need an escape for just one day? Come hang with us. It’s only $20