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We have a story to tell you. Without these awesome people there’d be no community. Now, let’s go meet the fam.

Jen Bishop Knows How to Get the Party (Planning) Started

July 13, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Lekha Shah

June 29, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Alyssa Pressler

June 22, 2018/by Meg Seitz

6.5 Things I Learned About Life With My Dad

June 15, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Glenn Burkins is a Journalist, Publisher, Editor, Dreamer

June 8, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Stephen Rohrbach Wants to Learn and Lead

June 1, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Torie Leslie: A Fierce & Friendly Champion for 21st Century Learners in Charlotte

May 25, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Ty Brooks Knows a Good Story – as Both English Major & Senior Software Engineer

May 17, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Quin Gwinn Designs Her Life as Working Mom, Interior Designer, and now Master of Art

May 11, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Jarrod Barnes Is Hungry to Invest – in People

May 4, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Chase Price is on a Professional and Creative Adventure

April 27, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Food for Thought with FEAST Food Tour’s Experience Specialist Caroline Brown

April 20, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Latesha Byrd Wants You to Dream Big

April 13, 2018/by Meg Seitz

On the Move with Transportation Engineer Caitlin Tobin

April 6, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Raven Solomon Knows What Matters for the Future of Business

March 30, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Issa Minkah Brings Strategy and Practicality to Imagination – and Clients Love It

March 23, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Lyn Kim’s Unique Approach to Occupational Therapy

March 16, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Aaron Dodge’s Professional Story & Personal Brand Capture His Hustle & Heart

March 8, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Hannah Kay Herdlinger Sells Blankets Woven with the Power to Change Lives

March 2, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Tamika Lewis Organizes Communities, Engages People & Sparks Connections

February 23, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Jacinda Jacobs Talks Talent and Passion – And Her Journey to Discover Both

February 16, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Mary Johnson Builds Her Business – One Brave New Word (or Two) at a Time

February 1, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Khaleel Loyd Talks Family & Business – And How the Two Intersect at Loyd Visuals

January 25, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Feleesha Sterling Designs Her Experience as UX Researcher & Entrepreneur

January 18, 2018/by Meg Seitz

There’s a New Power in 2018: Learn More From RSRV’s Justin Mikkelson

January 12, 2018/by Meg Seitz

Katelin Resta’s 2017 Brain Dump

December 31, 2017/by hygge

What Joe Tebaldi Learned in 2017

December 30, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Erica Peñuñuri: Hygge’s Source for Coffee & Stories about Coffee

December 21, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Mike Bifulco Knows Adventure – As Both Digital Nomad & World Traveler

December 14, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Sean Rogers: Hygge’s Endurance Entrepreneur

December 7, 2017/by Meg Seitz

April Smith Stays Ahead of the Curve

December 1, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Greg Johnson is Taking Brands & Talent to the Moon

November 27, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Larry Mickie Feels the Music – and Built a Company So You Can, Too

November 16, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Keisha A. Rivers Sees the Steps to Success – And Wants to Help You See Them, Too

November 9, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Keri Bonfili ‘Slays All Day’ With Her Boutique PR Agency

October 30, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Jessi Cord: Tech Specialist for an Organization with the World’s Strongest Foundation – Love146

October 24, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Jack Brayboy Talks Storytelling, Creative Freedom & Career Agility

October 13, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Rachel Safren Uses Design Thinking, Urban Design, and Her Ability to Connect to Empower Charlotte

October 6, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Meet Brittany Yoho: Hygge’s New Chief Strategy Officer

September 28, 2017/by Meg Seitz

When it Comes to Work, Caylin Viales is Driven by Her Heart

September 22, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Photographer Julia Murray Talks Hygge – Having Experienced it in Copenhagen

September 15, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Honeyfi Makes It Easier for Couples to Understand, Organize & Learn More About Money Together

September 8, 2017/by Meg Seitz

DeAndrea Salvador Makes Power Plays – to Decrease Energy Costs Sustainably

August 31, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Hygge’s Camp North End Location is a Metaphorical Match for Braxton Winston

August 24, 2017/by Meg Seitz

How Johnny Wakefield Makes Charlotte a Better Place

August 18, 2017/by Meg Seitz

How With These Hands DJ Academy™ Founder Claude Whitfield Teaches Music Education and Entrepreneurship

August 10, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Cool & Confident Katie Kirkpatrick Talks Capitol Power Group, Camp North End & CocoRosie

August 4, 2017/by Meg Seitz

MaryPat Lechich Talks Teaching, Learning & Creating ‘the Best Experience Possible’

July 27, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Rabbu’s CEO and Founder Emir Dukic

July 21, 2017/by Meg Seitz

The Podge Co.’s Genevieve Nalls Talks Design, Branding & Do-Gooders

July 14, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Full Circle with Graphic Designer Jorey Jones

July 5, 2017/by Meg Seitz

SkillPop – Intro to Social Media for Business

July 5, 2017/by hygge

Exploring Mary Coggins’ Triple Life as Mom, Chef, Email Marketer

June 29, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Travis Manigan: Hygge’s Resident Servant CEO

June 21, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Tim Cheadle Talks Technology, Design, and the Best Part of Being a Dad

June 15, 2017/by Meg Seitz

On the Record with Alec Sheaff: And He’s Talking Energy, Co-Working & Vinyl Records

June 9, 2017/by Meg Seitz

The Charming, Modern Work of Building & Scaling The Wed Clique From Hygge

June 2, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Jessica Battles is Ready to Take on a New Professional Challenge; And Hygge’s Flexibility Will Help Her Make That Happen

May 25, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Good Vibes with Brandon Alley: How Hygge’s Resident DJ Started His Career & Why He Loves It

May 18, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Lauren Bickerstaff Talks Fierce, Family Love and Healthy, Career Ambition

May 11, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Pushing Through Fear with Darryl Bellamy of Bellamy Inspires

May 4, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Episode 009: 7 Minutes in Hygge with Chris Castleberry

May 3, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

Why Hannah Beavers Cares So Much About Collaboration, Connection & Sustainability

April 27, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Press Release: Hygge Establishes 1st North End Location at 1776 Statesville Avenue

April 21, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

Lynne Ingersoll: A Business Owner with Curious, Creative Vision to Support Fast-Growing Companies

April 20, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Episode 008 – 7 Minutes in Hygge with Jennifer Lentz

April 11, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

Yash Mistry: Graphic Designer. Web Designer. Photographer. Storyteller.

April 7, 2017/by Meg Seitz

How Meggie Williams & The Waggle Company are Changing the Game for Charlotte Pet Owners

March 30, 2017/by Meg Seitz

The DC Lucchesi Experience: Well-Run By Honest Conversations, Serious Good & Great Relationships

March 23, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Episode 007 – 7 Minutes in Hygge with Erin Frederick

March 21, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

How Josh Jacobson Leveraged His “Hygge-ness” To Grow Next Stage Consulting

March 16, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Episode 006 – 7 Minutes in Hygge with Darryl Bellamy

March 14, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

Growing Milkful: How Dina Carey Created a Lactation Oat Bar Company from a Personal Struggle

March 8, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Episode 005 – 7 Minutes in Hygge with MaryPat Lechich

March 8, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

Courtnie McIntosh’s Big Goal: Inspire Youth Leadership, Empower Young Adults

March 1, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Episode 004 – 7 Minutes in Hygge with Katelin Resta

February 28, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

The Professional Adventure of Lawyer Turned Airbnb Expert Will Holman

February 22, 2017/by hygge

Episode 003 – 7 Minutes in Hygge with Devon Smith

February 22, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

Episode 002 – 7 Minutes in Hygge with Armah Shiancoe

February 15, 2017/by hygge

How Taylor Florio Got Community Back

February 9, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Episode 001 – 7 Minutes in Hygge with Brandayln Powell

February 7, 2017/by Garrett Tichy

She’s Jaimie with Two I’s & a PR Company Focused on Fashion

February 1, 2017/by Meg Seitz

Meet the Hygge Podcast Residents

January 17, 2017/by hygge

115 students in Charlotte are waiting to be matched with volunteer reading partners

January 13, 2017/by hygge

Announcing the Hygge Podcast Residency

December 5, 2016/by hygge

Christina Is…

December 2, 2016/by hygge

When You Think S Club 7, I Hope You Think of Me

December 2, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Mike Drop

November 30, 2016/by hygge

What Is a Yo Pro?

November 16, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Why I Cowork at Hygge

November 9, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Circle de Luz Holiday Giving Party

November 8, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Q&A with Haley Bohon after Coffee Hours

November 4, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Behind the Scenes at Susie Films

October 26, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Knight Cities Challenge Info Session

October 24, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Freedom School Partners Serving the Community

October 20, 2016/by Sarah Headley

What Would Duncan Do?

October 14, 2016/by Sarah Headley

TedxCharlotte Viewing Party in the OrthoCarolina Living Room

October 13, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Where Are They Now? Pop Up Produce Edition

October 7, 2016/by hygge

Coffee Hours With Mac Lackey

October 5, 2016/by hygge

Hygge #FashionFriday Returns

September 30, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Closing the Gender Gap in the Tech Industry

September 29, 2016/by hygge

Meg the Creator

September 28, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Wilderness First Aid Training in the OrthoCarolina Living Room

September 15, 2016/by Sarah Headley

How Do We Do Better?

September 13, 2016/by hygge

What Are Hygge Residents Listening to?

September 9, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Shaping the World and the Community

September 7, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Our Favorite Lunch Spots Near Hygge

September 1, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Charles Thomas of the Knight Foundation Speaks at Illuminate

August 26, 2016/by Sarah Headley

The Chris Castleberry Game

August 24, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Hygge Being Hygge at the NC Philanthropy Conference

August 19, 2016/by Sarah Headley

TWIN Power!

August 17, 2016/by hygge

Pop Up Produce Discovers the OrthoCarolina Living Room

August 12, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Snakes, Salamanders and Alligators! Oh My!

August 9, 2016/by Sarah Headley

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

August 4, 2016/by Sarah Headley

#TBT Hygge Before & After Pics

August 4, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Meet the American Pit Bull Foundation and Its Founder

August 3, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Spotted: Michael in His Natural Habitat

July 28, 2016/by Sarah Headley

The OrthoCarolina Living Room Makes Meetings Easy

July 26, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Come as You Are

July 22, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Brandalyn Rhymes with Mandolin

July 19, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Supporting Local Nonprofits With #summershareCLT

July 15, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Where in the World Is Albert?

July 13, 2016/by Sarah Headley

This Hygge Resident Is Helping Redheads Everywhere

July 11, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Introducing Hans the Hygge Dinosaur

July 6, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Coffee Shop vs. Coworking Space

June 30, 2016/by Sarah Headley

What Does Hygge Mean?

June 29, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Bringing People Together. Meet Kia!

June 24, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Meet Smokey: A Story of Unrequited Love

June 21, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Why Was the Mayor of Charlotte at Hygge?

June 15, 2016/by Sarah Headley

Repost: Big News

February 28, 2016/by hygge

Hygge’s Grand Opening

December 16, 2015/by Kayla Dugger