Frame of Mind with Garrett Tichy

Welcome to the Frame of Mind series, the brain child of Chase Price with RedefineU Media. At hygge, we’re kind of known for keeping it short. Most of our videos are under one minute and at Zero Day we strictly enforce the 10 minute rule. But a few months ago, Chase came to us with an idea: interview local start ups and entrepreneurs about their stories and ask them questions that small business owners, creatives and community leaders everywhere are struggling with. This series of long interviews (yup, 30-45 minutes) is designed to get in-depth and personal, so get ready to dig in.

Building a community of people is hard, because honestly, it’s up to the people, not you.

It’s something Garrett Tichy, founder of hygge coworking, is quite open about. Yes, there’s incredible community at hygge, but it’s because of the incredible people that fill its spaces. “We’re just space,” Garret’s fond of saying. “It’s the people.

But hygge has a true community of people who become friends, coworkers, business partners… the list goes on. It’s what Garrett hoped for when he set out on the venture almost 4 years ago with hygge 3rd ward by Panthers Stadium.

Since then the space and the team have grown: from Garrett and part time help from Jen Bishop to four full-time employees and a ton of part time help that keeps it all moving. The company has grown: from half a building to 5 locations across Charlotte. Garrett has grown: from a kind of closed off guy to one who smiles and poses in sunflower fields. Yeah, he gets a lot of questions about it.

“If I get another damn joke about me standing in a sunflower field smiling, I’m gonna lose my mind.”

Challenge accepted, Garrett. Challenge accepted.

Chase sat down with Garrett to for the first episode of Frame of Mind to hear all about how hygge started, how he made the jump to finally hire someone, – ” Hiring is terrifying,” he’ll openly admit – what the heck is with all the yellow and how he handles his personal life as the face of the largest, independently owned coworking company in the world.

Wanna learn more? Take a beat and watch our first ever episode of Frame of Mind with Chase Price.

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