Coffee Shop vs. Coworking Space

One of our lovely seating areas

One of our lovely seating areas

“What is this place?”

“What is coworking?”

People tour the space all the time. For a lot of them, coworking is a new concept. They come from a wide range of backgrounds, but many work out coffee shops and are in the market for a more permanent space. Been there done that. As a freelancer/storyteller/lover of words, I understand the coffee shop rotation. I have written a many piece out of the Starbucks in Dilworth. While I still frequent that establishment, Hygge is my place.

A little background on my working style:

During my time at UNC I noticed there were two types of people—those who loved Davis Library and those who loved the Undergraduate Library. I was a UL person. It had quiet spaces and cubicles, but it also had big tables where you could gather with friends. I need some stimulation—stimulation that Davis couldn’t give me. You would never, ever find me on the 8th floor of Davis. It’s so quiet up there you can hear a pin drop, but some people loved that. I get it. Everyone has different working styles. For me, coffee shops became my go-to postgrad.

Here’s why:

  1. I’m addicted to coffee.
  2. I love to people watch.
  3. It got me out of the house.
  4. Wi-Fi.

If you’re reading this from the corner table at Starbucks, here’s why Hygge could work for you:

  1. We have free Pure Intentions coffee. I don’t have to pay $4.25 for a latte every day. Hallelujah. I can have as much Pure Intentions as I want. A cup at 4 p.m.? Sure thing. May your cup runneth over.
  2. We have close to 100 members. I meet new people all the time, that is if I don’t know them already. Hygge is a breeding ground for partnerships and free flowing ideas. Did I mention we have numerous video production companies in the space? Be on the lookout for some Hygge videos in the near future. You will have access to all of them through out coworking space software.
  3. Being productive at home is an anomaly, at least for me. Hygge to the rescue! There are so many different spots to choose from. If I feel like not talking to anyone, I go to the Quiet Room/Champagne Room. If I feel like being more social, I sit at the front desk. When I want to be semi-secluded I go to the big white couch on Hygge B side.
  4. We’re getting Fiber. We’re hip. We’re cool. We have fast internet.

Come check out the space. We would love to have you. Schedule a walkthrough here.

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