Introducing Hans the Hygge Dinosaur

Confession: Hygge is a little weird, in a good way of course.

If you’ve read some of Hygge’s previous blog posts, you know I’m weird (Exhibit A). Garrett tries to reign me in sometimes, but I let my freak flag fly.

Meet Hans.

Hygge has more than just human residents. Say hello to Hans the Hygge dinosaur! ?

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Where did he come from? That’s kind of like a 5-year-old asking mommy and daddy where babies come from. Just kidding. I don’t know where he came from. He randomly popped up one day a few months ago and I just knew he was a Hans, so I named him thus. The end.

Not the most interesting story, but he has quickly become a vital member of the Hygge family. Like I said, Hygge is a little weird.

Maybe you spotted him on Instagram or on Snapchat or on the windowsill up front. Hans never meets a stranger, but beware. He is a feisty one with a big personality.

I have always loved dinosaurs, but Hans may be my favorite which is saying a lot. Growing up I went through a phase where I watched “Dinosaur” every Saturday morning. Terrible title, but man, that movie gets me every time. Don’t even get me started on “The Good Dinosaur.” Highly recommend, but bring tissues. And of course “The Land Before Time” is a must-see classic.

What?! Why wasn’t “Jurassic Park” on the list?!

I’ll tell you why. I still have nightmares about the girl hiding from the Velociraptors in the kitchen. OK, maybe I don’t have nightmares, but that scene will forever be ingrained in my memory.

That’s why Hans is so great. He won’t bite. He likes human interaction, head petting and photoshoots. So go ahead—take some Instagrams with him and tag us (@hyggeclt)!

And another @skillpopclt class down! Watercolor hand lettering with @iamsamwhite awesome!! and quote creds to @bpqcb

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