This Hygge Resident Is Helping Redheads Everywhere

I always wanted red hair. Granted I can’t pull it off, but one can dream, right?

Meet Stephanie.

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She loves red hair too, but you know, she actually has red hair. Stephanie has been a Hygge resident since December and runs How to be a Redhead, the go-to site for redheads, with her older sister Adrienne. The pair also wrote an entire book dedicated to red hair and they have a monthly subscription box filled with “Redhead Friendly” products.

“We’re not makeup artists,” Stephanie says. “We’re experts in that we make things easy. We give tips that we follow.”

Quick facts:

    1. Stephanie recently got married and moved to Huntersville with her new hubby.
    2. Although she loves her red hair now, she dyed it blonde for seven years.
    3. She’s from Rhode Island. I don’t know a lot about Rhode Island, but from what I can tell they have nice people.
    4. Stephanie loves Connie Britton. Long live Tami Taylor and Rayna James.
    5. She agrees with me on Tom Hiddleston and T Swift—he’s not hideous and we’re not mad about this new relationship.
    6. Speaking of T Swift, one time Stephanie met Calvin Harris at Mansion in Miami.
    7. Speaking of Calvin Harris, she likes to listen to house music and country. Can we be best friends now?

Stephanie is about to go back out on tour for her book. I’ll admit it, I’m jealous. Going on tour sounds so glamorous. Paul Mitchell is sponsoring the tour so there will be makeovers and hair goodies at every stop. And don’t worry, How to be a Redhead is a great resource for both natural and dyed red hair.

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But it wasn’t always rainbows and butterflies. Two summers ago Stephanie and Adrienne were invited to be on “Shark Tank,” but their dreams were cut short. They went through the entire process, but never got to pitch to the sharks.

“We believe in the universe,” Stephanie says. “One small thing when you’re starting out isn’t the end of a chapter. That chapter ended and another door opened.”

A big door. Mr. Wonderful missed out. They landed a two-page spread in The New York Times’ fashion section on Thanksgiving Day later that year, followed by a feature in Shape Magazine later that month.

They’re making a big splash—How to be a Redhead has close to 40k likes on Facebook and more than 70k followers on Instagram. Check them out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and go to their book signings

Not a redhead? Thats OK. There’s still a lot of useful info. I have fair skin and Stephanie gave me great bronzer recommendations.

She also told me the secret to dry shampoo—apply it right after you wash your hair to make your hair stay fresh longer. My life will never be the same. Thank you, Stephanie. Thank you.

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