zero to ten with dave butler

Dave Butler might just be the most inspirational guy we know. Talk with him for just a bit about the work he’s doing to foster Charlotte creatives and provide resources to those who need them, and you’ll want to take on the world.

At least, that’s how we felt after chatting with him during our most recent Zero to Ten recording. We’ve been working with Dave closely through Lokal, hygge’s retail collective, because he’s one of the vendors we have in there, selling hats, tote bags, shirts and coffee mugs for his brand Analogue Luxury.

For most people, running a retail brand and creating as an artist would be enough, but not for Dave. He’s also the co-owner of Hue House, a creative agency working on huge projects throughout the city and beyond, and sits on the board for The Block, a nonprofit arm and publication for Hue House that gives resources to and supports Black creatives in their business endeavors.

He’s also behind Open Court and has been working with us just a bit to get that off the ground. Open Court will provide space to Black artists and creatives to learn more about NFTs, the Metaverse and the future of the digital creative industry. Through that program, dozens of artists will get a free membership to hygge for one year.

We’re not done, though: he’s also recently become a board member of Do Greater, another Charlotte nonprofit run by hygge fam member William McNeely. Do Greater’s whole mission is to build creative confidence in youth… who may down the road benefit from some of the things The Block is doing… and then may later join Hue House in the campaigns they’re a part of.

Are ya starting to see how it’s all connected?

Butler has two words that serve as his guide for everything he does: human agency. “The goal is to be a human agency and give humans agency,” he explains.

We talk all about the many things he’s involved with, some projects that are coming up and where his artist moniker, DaveHasWingz, comes from in the 20-minute episode. Listen to it above or find Zero to Ten wherever you like to listen to podcasts.

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