zero to ten with garrett tichy

Just last week, hygge and Columbus-based coworking space COhatch announced they were coming together as Connected Communities. Essentially, hygge will continue to operate as its own brand, but COhatch and hygge coworking members will have access to both communities.

Basically, this is a big deal.

So we’re sitting down with hygge founder Garrett Tichy and grilling him all about how this came about, what it means exactly and what changes we can expect.

(Really, it’s a pretty lovely conversation. Garrett and Alyssa are pretty tame this episode. Probably because Garrett was jet lagged from a trip to Milan and Alyssa hadn’t finished her second cup of coffee.)

Garrett gives us a run down of his recent trip and then recounts everything that’s been going on the past few months. It’s never an easy decision to sell your business, and Garrett talks about some of the deciding factors, like the incredible COhatch team and how much their goal of bringing people together aligns with our own.

He also goes through some of the changes the hygge team and members will see because of this partnership and what he’s most excited for.

You can find this episode pretty much anywhere you like to listen to podcasts, but it’s also above. Give it a listen and get excited for what’s to come with our fam at COhatch 💛💚

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