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Every business owner will tell you that being an entrepreneur is one of the toughest things you can do. A lot of the times your business becomes your identity. You think about it nearly nonstop. You lose sleep (and sometimes money) over it. It will help you experience the highest of highs and the lowest of lows.

There might be only a few other things in life that feel similar. Like parenthood.

That’s the journey local business owner and entrepreneur Andrea Richter is on now. Andrea founded Pretty Honest Candles in 2017 after she started making candles for a hobby. It remained a part-time, do it on the weekends and break even-type of business until she was laid off from her marketing job at the start of the pandemic.

That was when she started to take it more seriously, and it’s also when she started to blow up in popularity.

“People ask me all the time how this happened but I have no idea,” she says in our latest Zero to Ten podcast episode. It started with her business being mentioned in a few Twitter threads that went viral. And then she was mentioned in a few Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan and Apartment Therapy articles. Then she was featured in the popular morning newsletter The Skimm. Oh, and did we mention she was featured on Beyonce’s website too?

Yeah. Beyonce. 

So Andrea has built a massive following for her successful candle business, and now she’s ready to tackle another adventure: She’s welcoming a baby girl with her husband Lukas in November.

She’s nervous (what new mom isn’t?) but excited for this new chapter. She’s not quite sure how she’s going to juggle a newborn during her industry’s busiest time of year, but there’s one thing that can be said for both parents and good entrepreneurs: you just figure it out.

Listen to our full episode above or by searching for Zero to Ten wherever you get your podcasts. And make sure you check out Pretty Honest Candles.

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