zero to ten with joe tortolon

What do bartending, preschool teaching and coworking have in common? Joe Tortolon, as of a few weeks ago. We’re welcoming Joe to the hygge team as our newest community manager and he’s already a great fit, so we knew we needed to have him on the podcast to share more of his story.

Joe, a Western New York native who moved to Charlotte a few years ago, started his professional career as an elementary school teacher and then as a pre-school teacher after moving to the area. On the side he’s always bartended and eventually found there was more money in that than teaching. He’s been bartending at breweries in the area ever since then, but as he says in the episode, “You’re not getting any younger.”

Enter coworking, a somewhat surprising career jump, but not if you know what being a community manager entails. As a teacher, Joe needed to meet students where they were at, help them understand concepts and stay organized. As a bartender, he needed to make folks feel at home and provide quick and consistent service. He draws on all these skills to ensure the hygge coworking spaces are taken care of and members feel excited to come in to work.

In the episode, we talk about Joe’s adjustment to an 8-5 job, we discuss Charlotte’s terrible morning traffic and he shares some fun stories from bartending.

You can listen to the full episode above or search for Zero to Ten on your preferred podcast platform.

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