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Each month we take a week to talk about how people in the hygge fam are keeping themselves well, because you can’t do your best work if you’re not feeling your best physically, mentally and emotionally. In June we talked all about biking. A bunch of our members take time throughout the week to head to cycle class, ride their bike to work and even hit the many amazing mountain bike trails that are in North Carolina. hygge cares is easy by OrthoCarolina.

Read on to see the different ways the hygge fam bikes.

Yash Mistry

“I grew up riding bikes in India. Going to school we would just ride our bike every day up until high school. Right after I moved here I wasn’t riding bikes much, so the last couple of years I’ve been getting back into it and spinning a lot at CycleSouth, but at the same time it’s easier to get around uptown, it’s easier for parking and stuff like that and it’s also good for you. If you’re going out for a pretty unhealthy meal and and riding your bike to it, it makes it a little bit better. Whatever creative block you have, if you’re stuck or something, just going around the block a couple of times can help get you thinking. When you come back you can get back to work. Compared to taking a walk this is better because you can go a farther distance and having a little bit of speed helps you clear your mind more. It helps get ideas flowing.”

Caylin Haldeman

“I love to ride my bike. It was always sort of a recreational thing, but when I moved uptown I started using it for errands, going to the grocery store, on a good day I’ll take it to hygge west charlotte. I love it. It’s complete freedom. You get to be outside and experience the good weather and stuff like that. You see the city in a different way – you’re more connected to it. You get to hear things you wouldn’t normally hear and smell things you wouldn’t normally smell. I’m a big believer that physical activity and exercise has radiating positive impacts on the rest of your life. Being able to get that 15 or 20 minute bike ride on my way to work or doing an errand after work, it totally changes my attitude and helps me be a more focused and changes my attitude and helps me be a more effective person. I trained my dog to ride in the milk crate on the back of my bike, so we’ll ride to the park or when I go on errands and stuff like that. His little nose is sniffing all over the place. The best is when other people see him, he’s like a little celebrity downtown.”

Bradley Smith

“I love mountain biking. I raced dirt bikes my whole life so it was a pretty easy transition. I’ve been mountain biking more seriously the last 4 years ever since the transition from motocross into mountain biking. I did motocross and dirt biking my whole life – since I was like 6. It was our family’s thing. Most families went to play soccer or football, and we went racing. I started doing it a lot more when I got a little older and realized I’m not going to stay skinny forever if I don’t work out at. I was like I gotta get a healthy habit. I go to the White Water Center, the Backyard Trail cycling park, and Dixie River Trails. There’s actually really good mountain biking around the area. Every weekend I at least go road biking or mountain biking. And then throughout the week I’ll sometimes get on the bike and go for a smaller ride, but usually on the weekends I go on a pretty good ride. I think it’s the adrenaline and the excitement. You can go as fast as you want or be as technical as you want. It’s a great competitive sport. I think it helps with resetting the mind. Just like if anyone goes running or goes to the gym or has their hobbies that helps them reset. That’s really what mountain biking is to me, a chance to reset and kind of get back to square one and start the week over again.”

Mike Bifulco

“I woke up one day and decided it was nice out and I wanted to go for a bike ride, so I walked to a bike shop and bought a bike. That was 7 years ago or something like that, and since then it’s just been what I do to be alone in the world. I can’t use my phone, I can’t get distracted, I just kind of go and ride and find somewhere nice to be alone. My favorite place to ride is around the airport. You can do a loop around the airport and it’s about 30 miles. It takes an hour and a half or so. I used to do that just about every morning, ride to the airport and have breakfast there and then ride back. It’s really nice. It’s a good place to be alone, it’s serene, you get good exercise and it’s beautiful in the spring, you can see all the flowers blooming. It’s a good way to see parts of the city you wouldn’t see otherwise. I’ve ridden in North and South Carolina, I’ve ridden from here to the beach, I’ve done California, Iowa, Italy, lots of places. I don’t do races, I do like tours. They’re more like for fun. Riding from here to the beach was with about 20 people and we did it over a weekend. It’s something I can do literally from my front door. I don’t have to go anywhere, I don’t have to get ready, I don’t have to do it on anyone else’s schedule. I can do it whenever I feel like. The more I”m able to ride the better I feel without a doubt.”

Joe Tebaldi

“Spin is my go to. I constantly look for workouts where I can just put my mind to the side. I feel like you just think so much during the day, you just need a little break every once in a while. Spin class is a perfect way for me to just go sit there, not think about it, and just move. I take hygge fam member Erica Penunuri’s class at CycleSouth. That hip-hop class just got me. I tell my friends I dance on a bike once a week. It feels like I got a good workout in, I got in my sweat of the day, but also it just uplifts your spirit a bit. It just makes you happy. A lot of the songs are positive and they have good positive vibes for it. I run a website and CRM platform for gyms. It handles their everyday tasks and digital presence. Not only does spinning help me clear my mind and have that reset button, but now I’m in what my clients are dealing with, I’m seeing the people they’re trying to appeal to, and I’m one of them now. So when I go back to try to market or position these companies to gather new clients, I’m one of them that I can try to target.”

Erica Rossi

“Leading or instructing spin causes you to set more intention in your day. It is so much bigger than me, and it’s even so much bigger than them. I didn’t realize how much of an impact you can have by just pushing yourself a little further than you thought.”

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