Aru Anavekar

“I never used to use goals, until I quit and started full-time on Botsplash,” says Aru Anavekar, CEO and Founder of the startup Botsplash, an online chat platform. “Usually, it’s the company goals, or the vision goals given by your boss or your team. If you want to get paid your bonus, you reach your goals and that’s how it is.”

This week we’re talking goals for #hyggecares – what goals our members have set, how they stick to them and how it helps their overall wellness. Aru says goals play a big role in how she runs her company and even in her parenting.

“In some ways, parenting has helped. There’s a lot of things you learn through parenting that you need to fix for yourself before you fix your child… I started realizing that we needed goals. At Botsplash we do monthly goals with tasks and new features, as well as six month and yearly goals saying how many members or clients are we getting up to speed. If we miss the goals, what are the alternatives – what should be the pivotal point where we change our goals?” she asks. But even if they don’t achieve a goal they set, Aru says that’s okay.

“If we don’t achieve something, we still learn something while trying to achieve that goal,” she said. “Accomplishment drives. So every time you have accomplished something, you are more encouraged to do something even further on the same thing. So goal-setting, or milestone achieving is so very important.”