Meet the Hygge Podcast Residents

Well hello there.

When Richard Brooke and I decided to do the Hygge podcast residency we have no idea we’d end up with 37 unique and awesome submissions. The selection process was difficult but in the end we have a group of 6, yes 6 (we upped it from 4 because there was too many good ones to choose from) podcasts that are either already doing great things or have the potential to educate, entertain and grow beyond just Charlotte. We’re pumped!

Without further ado I present the first class of 2017 podcast residency winners and their show ideas.


1stgens is about first-generation Americans and filling in the blanks on both sides of the hyphen. Meet co-hosts Perrine and Skye’s experiences as Liberian-Americans, while showing parallels and telling the stories of other diverse 1stgens. 1stgens hopes to educate, unify and prove that being American is not always so black and white. The first episode of 1stgens is available here!


Date Night with Jake & Page. Each month, Jake and Page allow you to be the third wheel on a double-date with a prominent Charlotte couple. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll want them to invite you next time.

The is a brand new show. The first episode is coming very soon! Stay tuned.


The Phone Wallet Keys Podcast, hosted by and created for millennials, is a weekly lifestyle show. Meet co-hosts Davida & Joe. They’ll be discussing the latest news, pop culture & all things #Millennial is what we do. Our slogan is ‘Never Leave Home Without Us’. This show is going strong and is on episode 10.
Listen and subscribe via itunes here.

Break into Code features host Kristen Leake as she aims to help coding newbies break into the tech industry by producing educational and motivating episodes. Learning new skills and changing careers should be exciting, not intimidating!

This is a brand new show. Stay tuned for Kristen’s first episode.


The Charlotte Podcast is hosted by Miller Yoho and John Short. It exists because lots of interesting things happen in Charlotte. They can be great things everyone is proud of. They can also be unsavory, disappointing, or missed opportunities. We want to understand all of these things and we think you do too. You can listen to the last years worth of episodes here.


STEMinism with host Alyssa Sharpe will be a podcast to help instill confidence and interest in STEM for women, it will be relevant to anyone listening. It’s fun, it’s messy, it’s science! And it’s our future and we need to start laying the groundwork to make discussions about science more every day to people from many different backgrounds, neighborhoods, etc. can realize that they, too, can be a scientist and science is everywhere. This is a brand new show. The first episode is coming very soon! Stay tuned.

That lineup ????. Go listen and stay tuned for the new shows first episodes! We can’t wait for you to hear what these 6 are up to.

If you’re interested in creating your own show check out the Hygge site here. I’d be more than happy to sit with you and show you the ropes in the studio.

Until next time,
Garrett & Richard

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